Best of 2017

This is where I will be posting those books that stand out and demand to be taking notice of. Those books that had an impact on me in one way or another and just those that I highly recommend to any lover of the genre.

Like last year I will be breaking these down my genre to make it simpler for everyone. 

Top Urban Fantasy Reads (Adult):

I've loved this series from the beginning and with (possibly) being the last book, I'm saddened but also completely content with how it ended. This is an amazing series and one I can't recommend enough. 

This series gets me every time. Yes it has it's naughty moments but it is also completely fabulous with it's wit, humor and some amazing characters that stand out and are like no others. I adore it and even eleven books in, it is still in my top ten favorite UF series. 

I love this series and it seems that it just gets better and better. 

While this wasn't a five star read for me it was a fantastic way to ed the series and I'm so sad this was the end. I can't wait for more from this author in whatever she chooses to write next.

This series. I tell you, it has a little but of it all and it all works. So freaking funny, so freaking good and I can't wait for the author to write more installments. I already miss this rag tag team in Deadwood, they truly are like no other.

Mystery/Thrillers (Adult and YA):

I absolutely loved the first book last year when I read it and was so thankful I had an ARC of the second waiting for me when I finished it. The second book was every bit as good as the first and I have officially fallen in love with this series, swear words and all. ;) 

Adult Apocalyptic/Dystopian:

I never thought I would say that I loved a book about spiders but there you have it. This was amazing and I'm guessing the sequel, will be just as mind blowlingly creepy as this was.

YA Contemporary:

I read very little in this genre anymore but when I saw this author had a new book out, I had to try it and I'm so thankful that I did, this truly was fantastic. 

YA Fantasy:

Again, I've been very picky about what I read in YA anymore but having absolutely loved the first book in this series, I couldn't resist trying the second and I'm so glad that I did because this was every bit as great as the first and didn't lack for anything.