Monday, July 25, 2011

Stake That by Mari Mancusi

Title: Stake That (Blood Coven #2)
Author: Mari Mancusi
Published by: Berkley Trade (Dec. 5, 2006)
Genre: YA Paranormal
My Rating: 4 Stars

Goodreads Description:
Sisters. They'll swipe your clothes, your boyfriends, your destiny. But it wasn't exactly Rayne's twin Sunny's fault. Magnus, a vamp hottie and coven leader, mistook Sunny for Rayne last month and bit her instead. Now they're doing the inter-species dating thing.

Turns out that for every generation, there's a Vampire Slayer-and this time around, it just happens to be Rayne MacDonald. Her first mission: infiltrate a seedy vamp bar downtown and expose its vampire owner for purposely spreading a blood disease he created himself-a task almost harder than passing trig.

After going it alone once, Rayne realizes she needs help. So Magnus sends his sexy Goth buddy Jareth to go undercover with her. And, frankly, Rayne wouldn't mind going under the covers with him. Maybe fate doesn't bite after all...

My Review:
This was such a fun read. I think I laughed within the first chapter and believe me, it was exactly what I needed after the long book I had endured right before it.
This was light, fun, and humorous but still it had some real issues in it and problems that needed to be solved and a mystery to take care of.
This is such a fun series. Anyone who loves a fast quick read and the paranormal really should try out this series. 

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