Friday, May 11, 2012

Bold As Love Blog Tour: Interview With Author Lindsay Paige

I am so excited to be able to bring you an interview with the authorof the Bold As Love Series,  Lindsay Paige!

First a little background info on Lindsay:

 Lindsay Paige is a young adult romance author from North Carolina. Most of what Lindsay writes are her daydreams in lavish details. (Please excuse that fact when you read one of her future works about a girl who sleeps around.;)) When not writing, she is working to complete her final year of high school.
Lindsay loves to read, listen to music, watch and play tennis, along with watching her favorite hockey team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. Lindsay is a big fan of Sidney Crosby (87) and buys Penguins merchandise whenever she can. 

Lindsay loves to be around her family and best friends. One summer after viewing a video of Nicholas Sparks' house, Lindsay's mother made the comment that she should write a bestselling novel since she "reads so much", that way they could have a beautiful house as well. Lindsay took her comment to heart. She began working on Sweetness. A year later, the novel was complete. 
Many of the aspects of the characters in Sweetness were inspired by Lindsay's own struggles, such as a recovering alcoholic father and the anxiety Emily suffers because of her past.
Lindsay has published Sweetness and I'm Yours. The third book Whatever It Takes is coming soon.

Now on to my interview with Lindsay!

MGO: "Thank you so much Lindsay for agreeing to be here today! What some of your readers might not know and that I myself was blown away to discover, was how young you were when you wrote Sweetness (and still are of course!). How old exactly were you when you wrote it and how long did it take for you to complete it?"

Lindsay:  "I was sixteen when I started and it took me a year to write."

MGO: "I read that it was your mom that first (jokingly) commented that you should write a book because of how much you love to read. What were your first thoughts when she said that to you?"
Lindsay:  "I laughed! I'm such a reader and that's my passion first and foremost that it never even occurred to me to actually write something of my own."
MGO:  "Did the thought of becoming an author ever cross your mind before your mom suggested it?"
Lindsay:  "Not at all. I still have a hard time believing that I am an author. It's mind boggling."
MGO:  "You write about some very real, very hard topics in Sweetness, which I think is great. It makes it feel very real and even a little gritty at times. What made you decide to write about the topics that have been brought up in this story?"
Lindsay:  "I never really made the conscious decision. It just came out that way. This all started based on a reoccurring daydream. I wanted to think of something that would distract me from my anxieties and that would appear very real, as that would help distract me. In my opinion, as with all things 'real', a person has to experience something unpleasant for them to appreciate the good. I guess you could say that is what Emily learns to do in Sweetness."

MGO: "Right off I was intrigued by Emily. I really wanted to know her story. Why she as the way she was, what her secrets were. I think that even though this was not a full length novel you handled it pretty well with trying to convey as much info about her as necessary so that we could get a feel for her character. Was it hard relating to her as you wrote the story? Was her character (not necessarily her issues) based on someone?"
Lindsay:  "Not at all. Emily is very similar to myself in many ways. One might say her character is based on myself. Before I grew tired of it, I was shy and quiet. Again, it never crossed my mind to actively give Emily some of the same traits as myself. It simply happened that way, which made it all the more real for me."
MGO:  "I can't help but wonder what else is in store for her and Jake. Do you plan on making this series a trilogy or will there be even more books of them in the future?"
Lindsay: "There will be nine books total in the series. It breaks my heart to say so, but I know where there story must end and nine books is what it will take for it to happen."
MGO: "Do you have anything else in the works?"
Lindsay: "I'm working on a book titled Don't Panic where the main character is almost a copy of myself in the ways of which we suffer from anxiety. I'm also working on a paranormal romance with Elizabeth Waldie."
MGO: "Is writing going to stay a part of your life or do you have other things you would like to be when you graduate?"
Lindsay: "I have a list! I want to work with the National Safety Council and their Defensive Driving School program. I would like to work with the National Autism Society as well. There are tons of things I want to do with my life and writing is definitely going to be a main part of it."

And there you have it. 
I want to thank Lindsay again for the interview and for letting me be a part of her tour. I really do hope that you give this wonderfully sweet series a try.  


  1. I had so much fun with this interview! Again, thank you for having me and for being a part of my celebration!

  2. Nice interview, love your blog, great questions! Thanks to you both!

  3. Wow! Started writing at sixteen! Impressive! Nine books in the series, so ambitious as well. I will definitely have to find some time to check out Lindsay's work. I like the idea of Emily being based loosely on the author, I love those little personal touches!

  4. Thanks I love authors interviews. I will def come back again !

  5. Thanks everyone for stopping by and checking out the interview. I do hope you all give the series a try. :)
    Have a great weekend!!