Thursday, May 3, 2012

Indie Book of the Week: News On The Home Front by Christopher Geoffrey McPherson

This week I bring you something a little different than my normal indie book of the week. This week I have the pleasure of introducing you to Christopher McPherson's historical read, News on the Home Front.

Set against a worldwide canvas that includes New York, Paris and Germany "News on the Home Front" tells the story of two women who have been friends since their childhood in West Lake, Maryland. The world war has torn apart their lives leaving each trying to find a way to put it back together. It's been a difficult few years with rationing and shortages starting to take their toll. Carole's boyfriend, Philip, is off to fly for the Army; and Irene has taken a job at the nearby aircraft factory. Carole promised Philip that she would wait for his return from the war -- but circumstances begin to conspire against her. She's waited her whole life for him, but can she make it until the end of the war?

My Thoughts:
I heard others mention that they thought this read like a soap opera set in the 40's during the time of WWII and while I love reading about that era, it made me nervous. I have never liked soap operas. I just don't get the appeal and therefore I don't watch them, never have.

So you can see why going into this one I was a little apprehensive, WWII era and all.

Thankfully, even though I did have a hard time getting into this book at first it really was a great read. And while I can't say whether or not it reads like a soap opera since I don't watch them, I will say it did have a lot of drama, but in a good way.

The characters, Carole and Irene were a little hard to like at first. They seemed immature and selfish and just plain spoiled to be honest. I didn't quite get their sense of humor or their antics and I wasn't sure if I would be able to put up with them for the rest of the novel but I hung in there wanting to give them the benefit of the doubt and I am glad that I did.

As the book progresses we learn more about Irene and Carole and learn some background on them both that helps you to understand them a little better. And most importantly, we get to watch them grow. Not only do they get older as the novel progresses but they have to face some very real challenges in their life that turns them into responsible mature woman. Faced with some difficulties that only someone from the 40's may be able to relate to but still problems that people today can associate with too.

Not only was there a lot of really great information and facts in this novel about the war but it was a great story too. One that actually ended up being a pretty emotional read for me, something I wasn't expecting at all.

I really enjoyed this book and I think anyone that likes historical fiction and this time period in general will really enjoy it too.

This novel was very well edited and written and I look forward to reading more from him in the future.

Overall I give this one 4 Stars. 


  1. I never watch soaps either. I, too, love a good historical drama and world war II settings are fascinating. I love picturing how the world was when my grandparents were young. If you want a good book in this era read The Bungalow.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation Heidi, I don't think I have heard of that one yet. I will look it up on Goodreads. :)