Sunday, August 21, 2011

Looking for Trouble by Erin Kern

Title: Looking for Trouble
Author: Erin Kern
Published By: Self Published (Oct. 12. 2010)
Genre: Chick Lit/Contemporary Romance
My Rating: 4 Stars

Goodreads Description:
When Noah McDermott, owner of McDermott Construction, walks out into the bright morning sunshine, the last thing he expects is to get run over by a careless woman in a yellow Mercedes. His anger quickly fades into curiosity when the driver turns out to have endless legs and bottomless brown eyes.
Avery Price, daughter of a publishing millionaire, should have followed her instinct and kept driving instead of stopping at a dot on the map. But Trouble, Wyoming is growing on her and she needs a job – fast. So what is she thinking by accepting a job from the man she knocked over with her back bumper?
As the two of them work together, the sparks fly. Surely they can be professional and keep from acting on their impulses. Sometimes Noah gets the feeling Avery isn’t who she says she is. Is she just a girl looking for a change or is there more going on than she’s telling him?
Avery quickly adapts to her new life in the middle of nowhere. She has a job for the first time in her life and a boss who turns her on more than her ex-fiancé ever did. But did she make the right choice by leaving home or is she falling deeper into trouble?

My Review:
I am not going to sugar coat this, this book has a lot of editing errors and inconsistencies. Some were even a little distracting at times, which normally puts me off a book but thankfully the writing and characters were so good that I was able to move past the errors and really enjoy the story.
The story managed to hold my attention and make me not want to stop reading, in fact, I would have finished this in one day if I hadn't had such a busy schedule at the time I was reading it.
I loved the characters and even the secondary characters were fun to read about and completely loveable. In fact, I am really hoping we will get to see some of the side characters in another book, I liked them that much.
And while it did have some distracting editing errors like I mentioned before, this book is so worth the read. It was fun and hot and had great dialog between the characters and definitely left me wanting to read another book by the author. 
In fact I was told that there will be another book out in September and I will definitely be buying it. 

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