Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sophie & Carter by Chelsea Fine

Title: Sophie & Carter
Author: Chelsea Fine
Published By: Acacia Publishing (June 20, 2011)
Genre: YA Chick Lit
My Rating: 5 Solid Stars

Goodreads Description:
While other high school seniors are dreaming about their futures, Sophie and Carter are just trying to make it through each day. Carter is overwhelmed by issues at home as he struggles to support his mother. Meanwhile, next door neighbor Sophie is left to care for her three younger siblings in place of their absent and troubled mother. All that holds these two best friends together is each other, and knowing that each night they'll sit together on Sophie's front porch swing and escape from reality, if just for awhile. But as their relationship reaches a turning point and high school graduation nears, will their friendship become something more?

Reader Review: "I couldn't put it down! I read it cover to cover in one night. I was so fascinated with the lives of Sophie and Carter I just had to see how their stories ended.

My Review:
Sophie and Carter have to be two of the best characters I have read this year. They were so real and raw and just amazing. In fact, this book is amazing. The story about broke my heart in places and even though this book is only a little over 100 pages long, I became so attached to the characters. To their well being, to the life that lay ahead of them. To their love and friendship, everything. 
I wanted to reach into the pages and give them both a great big hug and help them anyway that I could.
Their story was just incredible. I wish this book could have lasted forever.


  1. 5 solid stars? Wow. This book must be really good. I like this kind of stories. It's chick lit but with depth, which you don't often read in YA books. Anyways, another good review and I'll add this to my summer to-read list. Ah, so many books, so little time...

  2. Yep. This was a wonderful read and it went by really quickly too, maybe too quickly. I think I could have read about the characters for a lot longer and not been disappointed at all.

  3. It's really that short read? Huh. Perhaps there's a second installment?