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My Merling Awakening by Priya Ardis Blog Tour Book Review and Giveaway!

My Merlin Awakening
Book 2, My Merlin Series
By Priya Ardis


If you haven't broken the rules, have you really lived?

Excalibur has been pulled from the stone, but what does it mean? Arriane (aka Ryan) DuLac doesn’t really care. She's got bigger problems—as student president, she's got to put on the Prom. While the Wizard Council debates their next move, she leaves the craziness behind and heads home.

But she can’t hide forever. Sooner than she’d like Merlin (aka Matt) has her chasing mermaids on the trail of the Fisher King. The wounded King, defeated by Merlin’s brother, Vane, in the past holds the key to save the future.

On the journey, Ryan begins to realize the friends she thought she knew, she may not know at all. At a time of shifting alliances, she must decide whose side she’s on—the brother who struggles to do right or the brother who dares to break the rules? And Ryan must decide who she is—a regular girl or a champion?

One wrong decision and her family falls apart. One wrong decision and the world falls apart. No pressure.

The second book of the My Merlin Series is available now in limited release on Barnes and Noble ( only. Full release will follow shortly.

Author bio:

Priya Ardis loves books of all kinds—but especially the gooey ones that make your nose leak and let your latte go cold. She started her first book at sixteen, writing in notebooks on long train rides in India. When not living in her character's world, she might be found at the local coffee shop—her nose buried in a book. A hopeless romantic, she is a longtime member of the Romance Writer’s of America.

 The Merlin YA Books and More Blog:

My Review and Thoughts:
This second installment in the Merlin series was even better than the first.
Once again we are taken on a nonstop ride filled with lots of action, adventure, mystery and just enough romance thrown in to keep it really interesting (just in case the action and adventure wasn't enough for you).

We get more of the mysterious yet hot Merlin...err Matt and the sexy bad boy Vane.
Matt. Vane. I don't think I could choose between them.
Ryan definitely doesn't have it easy. Not only does she have two very tempting wonderful guys to choose from but she is the sword bearer and has to deal with all that involves by being it. Oh yeah and did I mention she has to save her friends, her enemies and the whole world too?

Yep, it isn't easy being Ryan.

And nothing that she did in the first book compares to the risks, sacrifices, trials and journey she takes in this one. Thankfully she doesn't have to do it alone. She has Vane, Matt, Blake, Grey, Gia and the whole gang there every step of the way to help her.

Good thing too, because she needs all the help she can get for this adventure.

This book was fabulous, it really was. I had a really hard time putting it down and unfortunately I had a full day planned when I started this one so some things were put on hold so I could sneak extra time to read just one more chapter which of course turned into one more until before I knew it I had a pile of things that still needed to be done and a finished book. But what a great time I had!

And lets talk about that heartbreaking ending? Gah! I really want more. I can't believe Ardis left us all hanging like that. What a tease!!

I can't wait to find out how this series will end. I know I will be right in line waiting to purchase it when it finally hits Amazon.

This really has turned into a favorite of mine and I know that I will be checking out what ever Ardis decides to write in the future as well. She has a new fan in me!

I give this one a very solid 5 Stars!!  

Favorite My Merlin Awakening Quote: Vane grabbed me. “DuLac, let’s chat.” Chat. British-speak for “Stand still while I yell at you. Read more quotes on Goodreads at: 

Giveaway: Enter the Rafflecopter to win! One winner will get a $25 Amazon or B&N gift card and a copy of My Merlin Awakening. Two additional winners will also get a copy of My Merlin Awakening.

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  1. I said this last time but this looks like such a fun series. I really want to check it out. I love Merlin and Author and all that!

  2. The book sounds amazing! Thanks for doing the Giveaway! I like reading about the different stories on Merlin etc from that era!

  3. I would love to win~! I want to read more about Merlin!

  4. Thank you for stopping by, ladies!

    @kindlemom What a lovely review! Sorry about your pile of things, but I'm so glad you found Awakening hard to put down!

    @Heidi & Tobi- I'm so glad you like my idea of a YA Arthurian take :)

    @Aliraluna - Thank you!

    Good luck on the giveaway!


  5. Thank you everyone for stopping by! Good luck with the giveaway!!

    Thanks Priya for letting me read your amazing series, I have had so much fun!!

  6. Great review - this series sounds wonderful! I adore books from the Arthurian period and it's so hard to find good ones. Definitely adding this to my to-read list!!

  7. I haven't heard of this series before. It sounds really good.