Monday, February 6, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday (a little early!)

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Cambria Hebert .

This is a fun weekly question she asks other bloggers in the hopes that we will all get to know one another a little better.

This question this week is:
Do You Like Cliffhanger Ending?
Okay, I know what you are thinking, it isn't Tuesday yet! Why are you posting this already?
And the answer to that is, because I won't be able to post this on Tuesday do to a Hop I am participating in (check back tomorrow for a great giveway!!) and I still really wanted to participate in this so, hence the early post.

Now back to the question at hand, Do I like cliffhanger endings? Hmm. Honestly, yes and no. 

Why yes? Because sometimes I think they create excitement about the next book and leave you wanting more and of course leave you thinking about the book long after you have stopped reading it and if the next book isn't out in the series yet, it can leave this delicious anticipation for when the next book comes out. Really if you think about it, it is pretty brilliant of the author to do. Creating all that excitement and sometimes frustrating but making it inevitable that you will be thinking about their book and you will be in line waiting for the release of the next one.

Now why no? Actually for all the same things mentioned above.
If the next book isn't out yet, it is TORTURE waiting for the next one. And yes, frustrating too. Especially if you don't know if a character died or if they won the heart of the one they love or if the bad guy got away. Ugh! It can be pretty intense sometimes with some of these amazingly evil cliffhangers authors are so great at leaving us.
And lets face it, their are some authors out there that are masters at leaving a cliffhanger ending *cough* *Rachel Morgan, Karen Fever, Chloe Neil, Lauren Oliver* *cough cough*.

So yes, I like the emotions a cliffhanger ending can leave you and truly sometimes they are fun but yes, sometimes they are torture too and make you want to throw your book across the room and cuss out the author for doing such a cruel thing.
But really, if an author can evoke that much emotion out of you, isn't that the sign of a good author?


  1. Haha! That's 70% of what I said! LOL

    My TMST

  2. I haven't seen this meme before but if I had, my answer would have been nearly identical to yours!

  3. Great answer! I completely agree that sometimes cliffhangers can be a good thing (who doesn't love to be excited?) AND they can be really really infuriating. It all depends on the book for me and the situation we are left hanging on. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. I am not convinced it is a sign of a good author. You need to add Cassandra Clare to your list! Karen Fever? Do you mean Karen Marie Moning author of The Fever Series? She had some horrific cliffhangers in that series!

  5. LOL, that is funny that I did that! I mixed her series and name up! Too funny.

    Yes that is who I meant Heidi!

    I agree Clare needs to be in the list as well!

  6. That's a lot like what I said!! Great minds think a like!! ;-)
    I totally agree that if they can evoke such emotion than the writer did their job. But I do love them too because of the wonderful anticipation. ahhh, I'm torn!!!!!

    thanks for being part of the meme!