Best of 2018

I love years where it seems they are full of wonderful new books. From old favorites authors and series to new authors and debuts, there is just something so wonderful about a year full of wonderful reads. 

This year already I can happily say I've had an amazing year of great reads and some I still can't stop thinking about. 

In no particular order here they are:


This book, this story, these characters, resonated with me so very much. I am still thinking about it, about them and want to re-read it all over again. It had me smiling, crying, and everything in between. Truly my most favorite book by this author yet.

Everyone knows CoHo is a genius and her latest didn't disappoint at all. Set with a different theme and setting than normal, this is one that I think almost anyone can relate to in one way or another. 

This story, oh man, so freaking good. A tiny bit naughty and definitely steamy but so good. You can't help but fall in love with the characters and all their quirks right away. Another favorite by far this year. 

This one almost has a mystery type feel to it but not. With some pretty serious issues and themes this one will take your breath away with the brilliance and chilly horror of it all. I'm not a huge Nora contemporary fan (I think her PNR stuff better) but this one blew me away, the feels man, the feels!

My first and so not my last Christina Lauren book and I couldn't get enough. This writing duo is on fire! In fact, my next book is also theirs and I loved it even more than this one and that is saying a lot. 

Just trust me and read this one, a must!!

Young Adult (in all genres):

I stinking love this author because she never ceases to amaze me with her very unique settings and lot but this one truly blew me away. I loved every single thing about it and my girls read it too and it's now one of their utmost favorites as well. I can't wait for book two, I need more!

Is there anything Bennett can't write well? Enough said, truly, so stinking good. 

This one is so classic West and reminded me all over again why she will continue to be an auto-buy author for me. 

This one. I don't even know how to convey my feelings about it but, it is awesome. I think it is YA but not YA. It doesn't feel like a YA read at all. Rich in detail and lore and an amazing setting, just read this one, you won't be sorry. Beautifully done. 

Another one that is YA but doesn't read or feel like YA at all. Truly my most favorite series to date by this author. It has an almost historic yet steampunk feel to it and I couldn't love it more. Dash of mystery, dash of romance, it has it all. 

This book has a ton of glowing reviews and was so hyped up I was almost afraid to pick it up. So glad I did because I loved it. It deserves all the hype it gets, so cute and so fun.

One of the most beautiful and most heartbreaking re-tellings I've ever read. 

Love when a debut author can blow me away. This was so enthralling. Can't wait for the next book. 

Another debut author that blew me away! Love when that happens! The setting for this as well as the fact that it was/is a stand alone made it even more better. 

Another cute one from one of my favorite authors as well. I'm telling you, this year is the year for contemporary reads. SO many great ones and so far, I've loved them all!

This book. A bit dark, a bit twisted and so very very good. One of my favorites by this author so far and so different from her norm. I couldn't get enough of it. 

Not sure this series qualifies as YA anymore but since it started out that way, this is where I am putting it. I mean really, you would think after so many books this series would be stale but it's not. If anything it's only getting more and more intense and I can't wait to see how it all ends.

Such a really good unexpected story that I just couldn't get enough of! Can't wait for book two!


Not sure if this should be labeled as historical or as contemporary and it really doesn't matter. What matters is that it was fabulous and I flew through it. I can't wait for the sequel! 

This series is quickly becoming a favorite and they just seem to be getting better and better as they go. 

PNR and Urban Fantasy:

I adore Bennett's writing and I can't believe it took me so long to pick up this series but pick it up I did, and pretty much devoured it. I love LOVE the family dynamic in this and all the characters were so amazing. I still think of them all, especially Jup. ;) 

So ecstatic the author decided to continue this series with a spin off. It was every bit as good as it's predecessors even if it didn't have Simon and Meg in it. Loved it! 

I feel like it's been forever since we've had a book from this series but once again, Briggs showed up why she is a dang good author. Whether it's this series or her Mercy one, the woman can write!

Cecy's writing always blows me away and getting this small glimpse into these two before it all began, was just amazing and made me remember all over again, why I adore this series.

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