Monday, March 31, 2014

Take Control Of Your TBR Pile Challenge Wrap Up!

So I did it, I survived the challenge and I may even be better for it. I feel rejuvenated by reading all these books that I have been dying to read for so long and just haven't made the time for. In fact, like I mentioned in an earlier post, I plan on doing this more often, making time for those books I really need to. To say hello again to beloved characters I have missed and once again being immersed in new worlds that I have been dreaming about visiting. 

So a big THANK YOU to Kim at Caffeinated Book Reviews for hosting this super fun challenge. 

I will definitely be taking part in it every year, heck, every time, she plans on doing in. 

So what did I get complete? Along with the list I posted a week or so ago I was also able to get these other books read:

Boundless by Cynthia Hand
Renegade by Cambria Hebert
Witness in Death by J.D. Robb
Wallbanger by Alice Clayton (way funnier than I was expecting!)
Nearly Gone by Elle Cosimano (although this released in March so not sure if it counts.)

Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick
Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg
The Future of Us by Jay Asher

Which means I got every single book on my original list completed and a few others as well. I was able to finish up a lotof series/trilogies on my list that have been waiting forever for me to read and finish that final book and get caught up on one series in particular that had been neglecting for way too long.

I think that brings my total up to 30 books read! I am so excited I was able to get so much accomplished (spring break helped!).

I really did have so much fun doing this and I am promising myself that I will try harder than before to get more books read from my TBR pile in the future. 

Thank you again Kim for giving me that extra boost and kick in the butt I needed to get all these wonderful books finally read!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Review: Sleep No More by Aprilynne Pike

Title: Sleep No More
Author: Aprilynne Pike
Series: Stand Alone
Published By: Harper Teen (April 29, 2014)
Source: ARC Copy Provided by the Publisher (in exchange for an honest review)
Genre: YA Mystery/Thriller
My Rating: 3 Stars

Book Description:
Lisa McMann's Wake trilogy meets the blockbuster Inception in this dark page-turner from #1 New York Times bestselling author Aprilynne Pike.

Oracles see the future but are never supposed to interfere. Charlotte learned that the hard way. If she hadn't tried to change one of her childhood visions, her father would still be alive. Since the accident, Charlotte has suppressed her visions to avoid making the same mistake. But when she receives a premonition of a classmate's murder, she can no longer ignore her powerful gift.

Then Charlotte meets someone who not only knows her secret but who also has a way for her to stop the killer. He offers to teach her how to manipulate her visions to change the future. But doing so will put Charlotte in the path of the murderer.…

Aprilynne Pike's bestselling Wings series was called "remarkable" by Stephenie Meyer, bestselling author of the Twilight Saga. And her most recent novel, Life After Theft, was cheered as a "whirlwind adventure" by School Library Journal. Now Aprilynne returns with this exhilarating departure from her previous novels. Sleep No More is a psychological thrill ride that is sure to keep readers' hearts racing until the very end.

Where to begin on this one? This isn't an easy review to write because honestly, there were so many aspects of this book that I loved and so many that were just okay and very predictable. And while sometimes predictability is okay, other times it isn't. 

I have to give the author and HarperTeen kudos for the cover and the synopsis because they both really draw you in and demand that you pick up the book and just read.

I loved the whole concept of the Oracles. What they could do, what they were forbidden to do and how hard it was for them to have visions and lead a normal life. What I didn't love about it was how much information about them and the Sisterhood was kept from us. I never felt like all my questions were answered about them. Yes we get by the end of the book, why things were forbidden but we still never really learn all there is to about them, which was a little disappointing because I really did enjoy the whole idea of their powers and being able to alter the future.

Having said that though, what we do get to see and learn, was pretty awesome. I loved the dream world and the visions that we are able to look into more. 

As for the killer, that is where the predictability came in, at least more me. I saw right away where things weren't right and were Charlotte was in trouble, but, again, not so bad, it was okay mainly because, towards the end, there were a lot of twists I didn't see coming. Things that I never guessed were linked and connected.

Overall I liked this read, it was easy, it was fast paced and the idea and concepts fun and original. The ending could have been better but it left it wide open for a sequel (not that I think there will be one but the possibility is there). 

*All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the author or publisher. I was not compensated for this review.*

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Review: How to Date a Nerd by Cassie Mae

Title: How to Date a Nerd
Author: Cassie Mae
Series: Stand Alone
Published By: Swoon Romance (September 23, 2013)
Source: Purchased
Genre: YA Contemporary
My Rating: 3 Stars

Book Description:
Zoe has a great pair of legs, perky boobs, and wears exactly what she needs to show it all off. She works hard for the easy sleazy ‘you only wish you were me’ reputation, burying who she really is—an all-out nerd.

The only time Zoe gets to be herself is when she hides under her comforter to read X-Men comics, sending jealousy stabs at everyone who attends Comic-Con. Keeping up her popular rep is too important, and she’s so damn insecure to care about the consequences. But when Zoe’s sister takes her car for a ‘crash and burn into a tree’ joyride, her parents get her a replacement. A manual. Something she doesn’t know how to operate, but her next door neighbor Zak sure as heck does.

Zak’s a geek to the core, shunned by everyone in school for playing Dungeons and Dragons at lunch and wearing “Use the Force” t-shirts. And Zoe’s got it bad for the boy. Only Zak doesn’t want Popular Zoe. He wants Geek Zoe.

She has to shove her insecurities and the fear of dropping a few rungs on the social ladder aside to prove to Zak who she really is and who she wants to be… if she can figure it out herself.

I love reads like these, I really do. Those that let you just get away for a couple of hours, cleanse your palate and give you a happily ever after when all is said and done in the end.

And even though I really did love this book, heck, I loved Zak, I would love to say I felt the same way about Zoe, but sadly I just didn't. I couldn't connect with her like I wanted to. 

I liked her well enough but I couldn't get past all the hurt she did to Zak time and time again. How she treated him when others were around and then how she treated (and confused) him when they weren't. 
I understand she wanted to make a name for herself and be a part of the “in crowd”, I get it, I really some extent I do at least but to hurt those that care for you and are always there for you ? To deny what and who you really are? I just  wasn't with her on it. There is no way I could have done it.

But yes (enter big sigh here) I can see why she did it, I just didn't like it.

However, Zak made this story all worth it. His nerdy cuteness, his sincerity, his goodness and willingness to forgive. How could you not love him and want to get to know more of him? 

I think considering all the mistakes that Zoe made in the past and those she is bound to make in the future, this had a very realistic ending. One filled with new beginnings and changes and something that could be more but will go slowly.

This was a cute read and even though I shook my head at Zoe numerous times while reading this, I really did enjoy it and I would recommend it and I most definitely will give this author a try again because, like I said above, Zak was a show stealer and I loved him so much I would love to meet any other adorable guy Mae can come up with.

*All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the author or publisher. I was not compensated for this review.*

Friday, March 28, 2014

Review: Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

Title: Dark Triumph
Author: Robin LaFevers
Series: Book Two in His Fair Assassin Trilogy
Published By: Houghton Mifflin Books For Children (April 2, 2013)
Source: Purchased
Genre: YA Historical Paranormal
My Rating: 4.5 Stars!

Book Description:
When Sybella arrived at the doorstep of St Mortain half mad with grief and despair the convent were only too happy to offer her refuge - but at a price. The sisters of this convent serve Death, and with Sybella naturally skilled in both the arts of death and seduction, she could become one of their most dangerous weapons.

But her assassin's skills are little comfort when the convent returns her to the life that nearly drove her mad. Her father's rage and brutality are terrifying, and her brother's love is equally monstrous. But when Sybella discovers an unexpected ally she discovers that a daughter of Death may find something other than vengeance to live for...

It is hard not to fall in love with the rich beautiful flow of LaFevers prose. To not become mesmerized by the historical detail of the 15th century and the paranormal elements that truly make this series one unlike any other out there.

Lafever had me completely in her clutches with Grave Mercy and I knew there was no way I wouldn't be continuing the series. It is impossible to ignore, impossible to forget and impossible to put down.

Once again we are thrust back into a world full of deceit, conspiracies, betrayal and revenge. One full of harshness and greed. A world that isn't like anything you have ever seen. Where a convent of sweet innocent looking nuns are nothing more than assassins who answer to the god of Death (Mortain) himself. A world where the blade is a girl's best friend, killing is an artwork and a world where sadly everyone is your enemy and everyone's loyalties must be questioned.

I wasn't ready to let go of Ismae's story and move on to another but it didn't take Sybella long to win me over. How can one not love a daughter of Death? A heroine who fears she is so damaged and tarnished she does not deserve love. 

Like Ismae, Sybella's story isn't an easy one to hear. She has been through a lot, seen a lot and dealt with a lot. More so than any woman of her time, any woman anywhere, should ever have to. Her story is one that is dark, desolate and filled with hopelessness. 

But she is strong and fierce and ruthless and most importantly she is a fighter, a survivor. 

This was deliciously dark with some very disturbing images and events but it didn't distract from the story or take away from it (no matter how disgusting some of it was), in fact, it added to it. Made it a richer, deeper, more heartfelt read. I felt her pain, her anguish, her disgust (with them and herself) and her self loathing. Poor Sybella. She was so very damaged. So very lost and alone. I loved her so much for her willingness to not become the monsters she was raised by even though at times she felt like them and you could tell it would have been so easy for her to fall into their clutches, for her to become just like them. For her to give in and just let go of the goodness that was in her and her will to survive.

This was a fabulous story with characters that stole my heart (loved Beast and Telphanie!). I am dying to read book three now and will be holding my breath in anticipation until it gets here.

*All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by an outside source. I was not compensated for this review.*

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth

Title: Divergent
Author: Veronica Roth
Series: Book One in the Divergent Series
Published By: Katherine Tegen Books (May 3, 2011)
Source: Purchased
Genre: YA Dystopian
My Rating: 4.5 Stars!

Book Description:
In Beatrice Prior's dystopian Chicago, society is divided into five factions, each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue—Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent). On an appointed day of every year, all sixteen-year-olds must select the faction to which they will devote the rest of their lives. For Beatrice, the decision is between staying with her family and being who she really is—she can't have both. So she makes a choice that surprises everyone, including herself.

During the highly competitive initiation that follows, Beatrice renames herself Tris and struggles to determine who her friends really are—and where, exactly, a romance with a sometimes fascinating, sometimes infuriating boy fits into the life she's chosen. But Tris also has a secret, one she's kept hidden from everyone because she's been warned it can mean death. And as she discovers a growing conflict that threatens to unravel her seemingly perfect society, she also learns that her secret might help her save those she loves . . . or it might destroy her.

Debut author Veronica Roth bursts onto the literary scene with the first book in the Divergent series—dystopian thrillers filled with electrifying decisions, heartbreaking betrayals, stunning consequences, and unexpected romance.

Why did I not start this one sooner?

This is the very question I was asking myself as I became immersed in the pages of Tris's story. What can I say, I loved every minute of it and devoured it in one sitting. How could I have waited so long to start this? What was holding me back?

The hype. I am always leery of hype and more often than not, it keeps me from starting series rather than diving into them. Not a great known fact but one nonetheless. 

But after starting this I still can't believe I let the hype get to me and hold me back. I mean really, is it possible not to love Tris and Four?

All I have to say is this, don't let the hype (good or bad) hold you back or keep you from picking this up, it is worth it, I promise. Whether you love it or hate it, the experience will be worth it. 

I honestly went into this with little expectations. I didn't want to get my hopes up on loving it and being disappointed. I didn't want to be let down once again by a promised “this book will blow you away” deal I just feared wouldn't live up to my expectations and hopes. And with the movie hitting theaters soon, the hype was even more fantastical than when it was first released. 

What I wasn't expecting, was for this to exceed all my secreted away hopes and wishes for it. That I would indeed love it  In fact I wouldn't even say I loved so much as tell you that I couldn't stop thinking about this each time I had to put it down or long after the story had ended. I liked it so much I would even go so far as to say this will make my top 20 for the year and the year is only a third over and I still know this will be in my top 20. 

Roth really has created something that stands out. Some fantastical. Something amazing that will make your heart pump in fear one minute because of the unknown and the dangers and pump again in a rush of excitement the next. With heroes every bit that live up to the meaning of the word and conspiracies that are gut wrenching as much as they are sickening. 

This was quite the ride. One I didn't want to come down from and one I know I will take all over again in the future and one I am not even close to being ready for it to be over. 

Only two more books to go, will I survive the ride?

*All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by an outside source. I was not compensated for this review.*

Release Day Promo and Giveaway: Miss Mabel's School For Girls by Katie Cross

Let's welcome Katie Cross to the blog to celebrate the release of her YA fantasy, Miss Mabel's School for Girls, which releases March 27th, 2014!

For me, writing a book involved a lot of staring at a computer screen, slapping the delete button, pulling my
hair out, and Pinterest.

Oh, yes. You heard right. Pinterest.

The power of Pinterest comes from the images. I always find photos that I want to remember and have access to, so I pin them to a board for later reference. So, I thought to myself, Hey, I'm releasing my first book, Miss Mabel's School for Girls. Why don't I give the readers something to look at in anticipation of the book?

So instead of a boring interview where I talk about how great I am, I'm here today to take you on a visual tour to give you a few ideas of what you can expect to find in this exciting new young adult fantasy novel, Miss Mabel's School for Girls.

Wrought iron fence:
There's a wrought iron fence around the outside of the ancient manor that is Miss Mabel's School for Girls much like this one. It's known for creaking in the wind.

Potions bottles:
Potion bottles hold oh-so-many possibilities. Witches love potions, and the witches in Miss Mabel's School
for Girls are no exception. These particular bottles contain a variety of spices and herbs, all of which you can win during the launch giveaway March 27th-30th!

Peacock feather:
Miss Mabel loves peacock feathers. They represent beauty and vanity: her two favorite virtues.

Green mossy tree:
Miss Mabel's School is located in Letum Wood, a lush, expansive forest that hides many secrets. Some of these secrets catch up with Bianca Monroe, our sixteen-year-old heroine, in the dark of the night.

This is another view of Letum Wood as you'll expect to find it in the summer. It's lush, gorgeous, and a little on the dangerous side.

Old book photo:
A grimoire is a book filled with magical spells, a kind of magical diary passed through generations. This grimoire is available to win during the launch day giveaway! Head over to to find out how you can participate.

Hopefully these photos gave you an idea of the exciting adventure you'll find in Miss Mabel's School for Girls! Now, get your Pinterest on and start spreading the word! Visit to find out how to enter the giveaway and win lots of free stuff!

About the Book:

Never underestimate the power of a determined witch.

Letum Wood is a forest of fog and deadfall, home to the quietly famous Miss Mabel’s School for Girls, a place where young witches learn the art of magic.

Sixteen-year-old Bianca Monroe has inherited a deadly curse. Determined to break free before it kills her, she enrolls in the respected school to confront the cunning witch who cast the curse: Miss Mabel.

Bianca finds herself faced with dark magic she didn’t expect, with lessons more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. Will Bianca have the courage to save herself from the curse, or will Miss Mabel’s sinister plan be too powerful?

Miss Mabel’s School for Girls is the first novel in The Network Series, an exciting new fantasy collection. A gripping tale about the struggle to survive, it will take you to a new place and time, one you’ll never want to leave.

About the Author:
My world revolves around my husband (who is a major hottie), my Vizsla's, and the mountains.

I wear hiking boots instead of heels when I need to feel powerful, and on a bad day, I love a weightlifting workout. Actually, I love it on a good day.

I don't eat bread because my thyroid doesn't like it, although there are days I miss it. Especially ciabatta. Sweet potatoes are kind of my thing. Cookies too.

I write because I never stopped.

Visit me at


Go to and click on the 'giveaway' tab for more information. Enter to win a potions chest, an apothecary bag of herbs and spices, an old spell book that opens to hide apothecary herbs, amazon gift cards, and more! The giveaway lasts from March 27th at 7am to March 30th at 10 pm

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Waiting on Wednesday

It is that time again to post what I am most looking forward this year for releases. This week is all about the sweet with Jennifer E. Smith's latest release, The Geography of You and Me.

This meme is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. If you don't already know about it you should check it out. It is a fun opportunity to let others know what you are most excited about book wise. 

Book Description:
Lucy and Owen meet somewhere between the tenth and eleventh floors of a New York City apartment building, on an elevator rendered useless by a citywide blackout. After they're rescued, they spend a single night together, wandering the darkened streets and marveling at the rare appearance of stars above Manhattan. But once the power is restored, so is reality. Lucy soon moves to Edinburgh with her parents, while Owen heads out west with his father.

Lucy and Owen's relationship plays out across the globe as they stay in touch through postcards, occasional e-mails, and -- finally -- a reunion in the city where they first met.

A carefully charted map of a long-distance relationship, Jennifer E. Smith's new novel shows that the center of the world isn't necessarily a place. It can be a person, too.

Leave a comment and let me know what are you most looking forward to this week!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review: Through The Ever Night and Into The Still Blue by Veronica Rossi

Title: Through The Ever Night 
Author: Veronica Rossi
Series: Book Two in the Under the Never Sky Trilogy
Published By: Harper Teen (January 8, 2013)
Source: Purchased
Genre: YA Fantasy
My Rating: 4 Stars!

Book Description:
It's been months since Aria learned of her mother's death. 

Months since Perry became Blood Lord of the Tides, and months since Aria last saw him.

Now Aria and Perry are about to be reunited. It's a moment they've been longing for with countless expectations. And it's a moment that lives up to all of them. At least, at first. 

Then it slips away. The Tides don't take kindly to former Dwellers like Aria. And the tribe is swirling out of Perry's control. With the Aether storms worsening every day, the only remaining hope for peace and safety is the Still Blue. But does this haven truly exist?

Threatened by false friends and powerful temptations, Aria and Perry wonder, Can their love survive through the ever night? 

In this second book in her spellbinding Under the Never Sky trilogy, Veronica Rossi combines fantasy and sci-fi elements to create a captivating adventure-and a love story as perilous as it is unforgettable.

I was dying to start this after finishing Under the Never Sky.

As some of you may know, it took me a while to warm up to it but by the time I was done I was in love. I loved the writing, the story and most of all the characters. How could I not after all?

I was right to be excited about this one because I loved it even more than the first. 

I love Roar, I love Perry and I really do love Aria (way more than I expected). It seems, once I warmed up to them, that was all it took to get me hooked.

There was just a little bit more in all of this. More romance, more fun, more action, more drama, more adventure, just more. And how can you go wrong with more?

This was a fabulous sequel and honestly, I could end this review there and be done, be satisfied with it.

It didn't suffer from second book syndrome or lacking dialogue or lack of character growth or connections. It didn't lack in anything. Nothing at all and if we are being honest with ourselves, how often does that really happen with second books in trilogies or even series these days? Not nearly enough. 

So yeah, I am not going to say anything more about this one other than you need to start this series if you haven't because it really is a stand out series. It really is a different read and it really is worth it. 

I am so glad I listened to all my friends and just went with it and finally dived in. 

There is harshness and sadness and anger and frustration and dangers everywhere but there is also so much hope for new beginnings in the Still Blue, and love and friendship between the friends and tribe. So much left to do and left unsaid and left to uncover. I am so very nervous about starting that last book but once again, I know it will be worth it.

Title: Into the Still Blue
Author: Veronica Rossi
Series: Book Three in the Under the Never Sky Trilogy
Published By: Harper Teen (January 28, 2014)
Source: ARC Copy Provided by the Publisher (in exchange for an honest review)
Genre: YA Fantasy
My Rating: 4 Stars!

Book Description:
The race to the Still Blue has reached a stalemate. Aria and Perry are determined to find this last safe haven from the Aether storms before Sable and Hess do--and they are just as determined to stay together.

Within the confines of a cave they're using as a makeshift refuge, they struggle to reconcile their people, Dwellers and Outsiders, who are united only in their hatred of their desperate situation. Meanwhile, time is running out to rescue Cinder, who was abducted by Hess and Sable for his unique abilities. Then Roar arrives in a grief-stricken fury, endangering all with his need for revenge.

Out of options, Perry and Aria assemble an unlikely team for an impossible rescue mission. Cinder isn't just the key to unlocking the Still Blue and their only hope for survival--he's also their friend. And in a dying world, the bonds between people are what matter most.

In this final book in her earth-shattering Under the Never Sky trilogy, Veronica Rossi raises the stakes to their absolute limit and brings her epic love story to an unforgettable close.

Where do I start with this review?

Maybe where I start with all reviews that are about the ending of a series. I can tell you how the ending is always bittersweet How I never really want it to be over. How I always enter into it with so much nervousness and trepidation that my stomach is usually in knots. Will I like it? Will I love it? Will the author ruin it all or give it the ending I think it deserves?

So many what ifs it really is nerve wracking. 

I very deliberately didn't start this series until I knew it would be over because I didn't want to have to wait for the last book. I didn't want to forget anything and I wanted the ending now, on hopefully, my terms, for good or bad.

So I guess the big question is, did I get everything I wanted? Did I get the ending I was hoping for?

And to answer, I am still not sure.

Am I happy with it all, yes. Could there have been more? Again, yes. But can I live with it and be okay with it? Absolutely. 

I have come to really care about Roar, Perry and Aria as well as a few secondary characters that surprised me along the way as well, (Brooke, Cinder, Marcus, Soren, Willow) and I think for the most part (with one glaring exception) they all got what I was hoping for in the end. 

It wasn't perfect and it was messy and wasn't without heartache but it was something that I could live with and think about with a smile on my face afterward. 

Rossi set the bar high in her other installments and while this maybe wasn't as strong as the others, it still showed why most people are calling this series a masterpiece. Why her writing is engaging and enthralling and something to be talked about and paid attention too.

It was a good conclusion, and a  good good-bye. 

*All thoughts and opinions were my own and were not influenced by the author or publisher. I was not compensated for this review.*

Monday, March 24, 2014

Review: Second Grave on the Left and Third Grave Dead Ahead by Darynda Jones

Title: Second Grave on the Left
Author: Darynda Jones
Series: Book Two in the Charley Davidson Series
Published By: St. Martin's Press (August 16, 2011)
Source: Purchased
Genre: Urban Fantasy
My Rating: 4 Stars!

Book Description:
If you hang around with dead people, life can get pretty complicated. Take it from Charley Davidson, part-time private investigator and full-time Grim Reaper. Complicated is her middle name. The deceased find her very sparkly. Demons find her irresistible. And one entity in particular wants to seduce her in every way possible.
When Charley and Cookie (her best friend/receptionist) have to track down a missing woman, the case is not quite as open and shut as they anticipate. Cookie's friend Mimi disappeared five days earlier. Mimi then sends Cookie a cryptic message telling Cookie to meet her at an nearby coffee shop. The coffee is brewing, but Mimi's still missing. There is, however, a clue Mimi left on the bathroom wall: a woman's name. Mimi's husband explains to them that his wife had been acting strange since she found out an old high school friend had been murdered. The same woman whose name Mimi had scribbled on the bathroom wall.

Meanwhile, Reyes Alexander Farrow (otherwise known as the Son of Satan. Yes. Literally) has left his corporeal body and is haunting Charley. He's left his body because he's being tortured by demons who want to lure Charley closer. But Reyes can't let that happen. Because if the demons get to Charley, they'll have a portal to heaven...well, let's just say it wouldn't be pretty.

Can Charley handle hot nights with Reyes and even hotter days tracking down a missing woman? Can she keep those she loves out of harm's way? And is there enough coffee and chocolate in the world to fuel her as she does?

Here is your signpost for the most hilarious read of the year: Second Grave on the Left.

I freaking love this series. Really there are no words out there to convey how much fun it is. It truly has everything and I do mean everything, I love in a good read. Mystery, humor (lots and lots of humor), a kick butt and sometimes goofy heroine, an action packed  fast moving plot, ghosts, reapers, a crazy fun loving best friend, a hot smexy son of Satan...

Yep, son of Satan, go figure. Have you meet Reyes because if not you really, really need to, like go right now and pick up the first book because you don't want to miss him and trust me on this, need to.

He is that yummy. He gives the term bad boy a whole new meaning, not to mention twist.

There really are too many things to list about why this series rocks but I am going to give it a shot. The writing is fabulous, Charley is slightly crazy, suffers from ADD, has a quite witty and loves sarcasm (really after that list, need I say more about why I love her?) a little deranged and just plain fabulous. Cookie is the best friend imaginable, he has Charley's back, is loyal and funny to boot. Mr Wong, is well, he's just plain creepy but I love him ahyways. 
Uncle Bob (affectionately labeled Ubie) is pretty terrific, he trusts Charley and most of all, he loves her and respects what she does without question. 

Garrett is fun loving and plays along with Charley's antics, so you know right there he is a good sport and it doesn't help that like Reyes, he too is super hot and has Charley's back.

Wait, did I say Reyes? fans self he might be the very best part of this whole series. Uber hot, uber moody, uber mysterious Reyes. Really, you just have to experience...errr, meet him for yourself to truly understand his appeal. 

And to top off all of that (and really, so much more) there is always a great mystery to solve as well as if  the awesomeness of the characters, the steamy sexual tension and the laugh out loud moments weren't enough for you.

Jones has made a fan out of me and I will read this series until the very end because it is just that great.

*All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the author or publisher. I was not compensated for this review.*

Title: Third Grave Dead Ahead
Author: Darynda Jones
Series: Book Three in the Charley Davidson Series
Published By: St. Martin's Press (January 31, 2012)
Source: Purchased
Genre: Urban Fantasy
My Rating: 4.5 Stars!

Book Description:
Paranormal private eye. Grim reaper extraordinaire. Whatever. Charley Davidson is back! And she's drinking copious amounts of caffeine to stay awake because every time she closes her eyes she sees him: Reyes Farrow, the part-human, part-supermodel son of Satan.

Granted she did imprison Reyes for all eternity, but how is she supposed to solve a missing-persons case, deal with an ego-driven doctor, calm her curmudgeonly dad, and take on a motorcycle gang hell-bent on murder when the devil's son just won't give up on his plan of seduction..... and revenge?

This is just one of those series that I just can't stress enough how fabulous it is. I wish I could hang a banner overhead and announce to the world that this is one series they have to try, regardless of past likes or dislikes. 

I want to spread the word about it, shout it from the roof tops and shove the book into everyone's hands, kind of love. 

Cookie, Charley, Reyes, Ubie, Garrett, Amber, Angel...they are all characters that you just need to meet. Characters that stick with you and leave a lasting impression of their awesomeness long after the book has been put down and you are already on to the next. They feel like family by the time you are done reading all about what new shenanigan they got themselves into this time and you just can't wait to take part in the next one and hope like heck they will invite you along for the ride.

Even though the mystery is sometimes predictable you don't even care because you have such a blast along the way it makes it all worth it. Reyes and Charley make it worth it. Their heat, the sexual tension between them and of course the mystery about what in the heck they (them being there, them existing) all means, makes it worth it. And I love that with each new book we get just a little bit more to appease our questions and satiate our thirst. 

I am so loving this series and can't wait to pick up book four and dive right in. 

*All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the author or publisher. I was not compensated for this review.*