Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott

Title: Between Here and Forever
Author: Elizabeth Scott
Series: Stand Alone
Published By: Simon Pulse (May 24, 2011)
Genre: YA Realistic Fiction
My Rating: 4 Stars

Goodreads Description:
 Abby accepted that she can’t measure up to her beautiful, magnetic sister Tess a long time ago, and knows exactly what she is: Second best. Invisible.

Until the accident.

Now Tess is in a coma, and Abby’s life is on hold. It may have been hard living with Tess, but it's nothing compared to living without her.

She's got a plan to bring Tess back though, involving the gorgeous and mysterious Eli, but then Abby learns something about Tess, something that was always there, but that she’d never seen.

Abby is about to find out that truth isn't always what you think it is, and that life holds more than she ever thought it could...

My Review:
 I usually like to wait awhile after I finish a book before I write up my review but I feel with this book I just can't do that.
I had so many emotions running through me while reading this story. It was so heartbreaking at times that I wanted to reach through the pages and just give Abby a great big hug and tell her that she was wonderful and deserved so much more than she was willing to let herself have and that she was worth so much more than she thought she was.
And Eli, I loved Eli too. He was just perfect for Abby in every way.
I love the stories that can stick with you and make you think, not just think about the characters but think about the actual problems they are having and to be able to feel their emotions so much that it brings tears to your eyes and makes your heart ache more them.
Elizabeth Scott has the amazing ability to do that, to make you feel for her characters and for them to become a part of you.
To think and care about them long after their story is over.


  1. I haven't seen this one before. I'll have to keep a look out for it! Thanks for the review.
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  2. I have had this sitting on my nightstand forever and keep passing it up. Your review makes me want to read it.


  3. You should read it Karis! It was really good, but a little heartbreaking too. It was one of her sadder ones for sure.