Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review: Under Witch Aura by Maria E. Schneider

Title: Under Witch Aura (Moon Shadow #2)
Author: Maria E. Schneider
Series: Second Book in the Moon Shadow Series
Published By: Bear Mountain Books (Dec. 15, 2011)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
My Rating: 5 Solid Stars

Goodreads Description:
There’s an ill wind blowing in Santa Fe, and it’s touching every witch Adriel knows, including White Feather, who is far more important to Adriel than just any warlock. In search of answers, she delves into ancient magic, a family secret and dangerous religious rituals. Whoever is manipulating the elements appears to be after the ultimate goal: forbidden power over life and death.

Adriel will go to the ends of the earth to keep those she loves safe, but if she lures the enemy away, will she be able to save herself? Her only hope is to use earth magic to hide from the very air she breathes as she hunts down an unseen and untenable evil.

My Review:
What can I possibly say about this fantastic series other than I love the gorgeous cover? Isn't it fabulous?

Lets see, these words come to mind: beautifully written, fun, entertaining, exceptional, creative, original, mysterious, captivating, will suck you in and refuse to let go. Okay, okay, that last one was more than one word but, you get the point.

I adore this series. Maria is so utterly talented. Her writing just flows so nicely and is so descriptive that you feel like you become a part of the story. It makes me long to be in New Mexico and be a part of Adriel's world.

I am so thankful that I was able to read this book. I loved Maria's first book in the series, Under Witch Moon. I fell in love with the characters White Feather, Linx, and Adriel. And was so excited when I learned another book was on the way. I jumped at the chance to read it and be immersed in their world again.

This sequel did not disappoint me at all, in fact, as hard as it was to imagine, this book was even better than the first and that is just something that doesn't always happen with second books in a series.

This book had even more mystery and intrigue and romance (huge YAY on this one!!), even more great characters and adventure. Better bad guys and well, you get the idea.

And did I mention Martin. Oh. My. Gosh. Martin.
I have to say I fell in love with Martin. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the scenes with him in it. He was so disgusting and funny and just loveable in a weird sort of scary uncle kind of way.
Seriously, one of the best secondary characters ever.
I loved snarky sarcastic, chip on her shoulder Tara, crazy loveable and fun Mat, Adriel's sweet loving mom and yes, I even loved (gasp for your benefit Maria) the vampire.

This book had even more magic than the first, which I love reading about. I love how Maria uses so many Earth elements and herbs in her stories that I feel like I actually know what she is talking about and I smell them and see them right along with Adriel and White Feather.

Truly I could go on and on about this book but really, you just need to buy it and read it. You will NOT be disappointed. It is worth so much more than you will pay for it.

Maria is truly a talented writer and knows her stuff.


  1. Another series I have not heard of! Seriously girl where are you getting all these good reads. I like the line where you talked about how you loved the guy even though he is disgusting. how is he disgusting? Just curious!

  2. If you have a Kindle or Kindle app I can actually lend you the first book if you want Heidi? It is a great series!

    As to Martin, well I don't want to give anything away but he is a dirty old man, literally! :P
    And he has an aversion to clothes. ;)
    He truly was a funny character.

  3. I haven't heard of this one before! I think I'll have to go purchase this one for my Nook! I see that it's only $2.99 on

    Maria E. Schneider