Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday!

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Cambria Hebert .

This is a fun weekly question she asks other bloggers in the hopes that we will all get to know one another a little better.

This question this week is:
How do you feel about love triangles?
I think I have a love hate relationship with love triangles.
What do I mean by that exactly?
Sometimes I think they add a certain something that would be missing from a book without one. A certain excitement and anticipation. Sometimes it adds heartache and brings out emotions in you a book without one wouldn't have brought forth otherwise.
I think in all honestly they can add an element to a book that truly is necessary, for example The Mortal Instruments series would not have been the same without the conflict between Jace and Simon and Clary. 
 The series just wouldn't have been the same without Simon's quiet love for Clary and Jace's tormented and forbidden love for her as well. 


The Vampire Academy series would not have been the same without Dimitri and Adrian. It just wouldn't have.

And then sometimes, well sometimes they are just annoying and unnecessary and they can get tiring. 
Make you roll your eyes and want to chuck you book across the room because the protagonist is just so stupid she can't make a choice over who she wants to be with and you feel sorry for the guys who are getting their hearts ripped out over a girl who, in all honestly, probably doesn't deserve either of them to begin with.
But what do I think of them overall?
I like them. I do. There I said it out loud.
I like how it can get my heart racing and make me hold my breath waiting for her to make a decision. And yes, I even like how I sometimes feel angry or sad for the one who didn't get picked. I can't help it, I like a little drama in my stories sometimes.

I mean truly, what girl wouldn't want two really hot, adorable, sweet and caring guys vying for her attention and love?
So yes, in short (okay maybe not so short) answer, I love a good love triangle every now and then but not in every book I read because that just gets old.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this as well.
Do you love them?
Do you detest them? 


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  1. Yes, I had forgottenn the VA love triangle but that one was believable because of what happened to Dmitri. There are a couple of good triangles but the market has become so staturated that everyone groans now.