Saturday, May 19, 2012

Review: My Boyfriend Merlin by Priya Ardis

Title: My Boyfriend Merlin
Author: Priya Ardis
Series: Book One in the My Merlin Series (currently two books in the series)
Published By: Ink Lion Books (November 21, 2011)
Genre: YA Fantasy
My Rating: 4 Stars

Goodreads Description:
 If you can't trust your boyfriend, who can you trust?

In this modern Arthurian, 17-year-old nice girl Arriane, aka Ryan, DuLac just found out her badass biker boyfriend, Matt, is a little older than he was letting on. By a few eons.

In fact, he is really Merlin--the Merlin, King Arthur's Merlin, the greatest wizard who ever lived. But Ryan's not impressed. Tired of being a relationship loser, she'd rather kick his legendary behind.

Sure, the world has been crazy ever since the sword and the stone fell out of the sky like a meteor. But despite gruesome gargoyles, a new world of magic, and the guy driving her crazy, Ryan knows that family is everything. Will Merlin sacrifice hers to save the world? Will she be able to stop him?

My Review: 

I wouldn't be doing the book justice if I didn't first mention how amazing I think the cover of it is. It is just gorgeous!

Since first watching the Disney version of Sword in the Stone I have been fascinated with King Arthur. Merlin, Lancelot and Guinevere. So as you can imagine, I was super happy when I was asked if I wanted to read the first book in the My Merlin Series. I jumped at the chance in fact.

The synopsis sounded like it was going to be such a fun read and thankfully, it didn't disappoint.

This book had nonstop action right from the start. You are immediately sucked into the story and drawn to Merlin. Not only is he got the slightly bad boy vibe going on but then we get to meet his even badder (okay I really could have come up with a better adjective there) and maybe even slightly hotter brother Vane.

We get mystery and action and magic and love and.... and, well it had a lot going on for it and I don't want to give anything away so you are just going to have to read it for yourself.
And did I mention all the wonderfully funny Happy Potter references?

I am so glad that I have the next book in the series to read because I can not wait to dive in and find out what happens next.

This was a great start to what promises to be a really fun action packed series.


  1. I agree really cool cover. I loved the Sword in the Stone, too. I am fascinated by King Arthur and Merlin, so this is definitely a book I would love to check out, I mean come on if Merlin is a bad ass motorcycle dude.....Sounds fun. Have a great weekend, Ali :)

  2. Ohhh this one seems cool you should read Shadowland by C.M is abou them too and is currently free

  3. Thank you Aliraluna for letting me know about Shadowland, I just picked it up!