Friday, September 16, 2011

Indie Author of the Week..Jason Letts and his new book, Suspense!

So it is that time again, the day of the week where I post one of my favorite indie reads and authors and this week is dedicated to author Jason Letts and his new YA dystopian Suspense.

Jason was kind enough to let me read an advanced copy of his book and I am so glad that he did.
Suspense really was a fun read. The heroine of the book, Spencer (love LOVE that name for a girl!) was a kick butt heroine! She was fierce and feisty and a little bit sassy but she still had compassion and knew how to take care of those she loved.
This book has a little bit of a sci fi edge to it with the world being set in the future with technology that only a genius could think of (yes Jason, I am referring to you. :P  ), so I wasn't too sure how much I would love this book, because sci fi just isn't my thing but....well, I guess I will have to now amend that statement and say, I now actually do like sci fi, thanks in part to this book.
I don't want to give anything away about the story but I will tell you that this book is full of twists and turns and has plenty of action. I think any sci fi lover or anyone just looking of a good fast paced read will love this series.

Thank you Jason for letting me have the opportunity to read your book. You truly are a talented writer and I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

For all of you reading this review and wanting to read the book, for the next two days you can get an ebook copy of this book free from Jason by following the instructions in this blog post of mine.  

And please do, you won't be disappointed with this read, plus as an added bonus if you read the book and go to Jason's FB page and answer some questions you can be entered to win one of three amazing prizes, one of which is either a brand new Kindle Wifi or Nook Touch. Awesome prizes!! 

So don't wait! Read this amazing book today! 

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