Saturday, August 13, 2011

Legend of Witchtrot Road (Spirit Guide #3) by E.J. Stevens

Title: Legend of Witchtrot Road (Spirit Guide #3)
Author: E.J. Stevens
Published By: Sacred Oaks Press (Oct. 4, 2011)
Source: ARC copy from the author
Genre: YA Paranormal
My Rating: 5 Stars

Goodreads Description:
Surviving agitated ghosts, irritated witches, angry werewolves, and the horrors of high school has never been so hard.

The night of Samhain may be behind them, but Yuki and her friends have only begun to face the challenges of their paranormal gifts. Tensions are rising--in the pack, at school, and within their tightly knit group of friends.

The tragic death of Wakefield High student Dylan Jacobs has emotions boiling over. The J-Team, Yuki's arch nemesis, have turned the entire football team against her. They claim that Yuki is a witch and blame her for the death of their fellow teammate. Will Yuki be able to solve the mystery of Dylan's death, and the legend of Witchtrot Road, before tempers flare and things turn violent?

Emma is the friend that Yuki turns to when things get tough, but she's been behaving strangely. Emma has been acting distant and seems to be coming down with a mysterious illness. What will Yuki and her friends do if their healer is truly sick?

Calvin has become Alpha and wants the best for his pack. He is a dedicated and compassionate leader willing to do anything for the good of his people, but will Cal be able to hold the pack together when a fiery, young werewolf comes seeking revenge?

Simon may still be a roguish playboy, but he is taking his role as Calvin's second in command deadly serious. Will Simon be able to focus on his pack duties when he is forced to face his dark, emotional past?

My Review: 
I know I have gushed about this series before but I just can't help it. I just adore this series. It is so much fun to read and the characters are just so unique and unlike any others out there.
I loved the first two books and this one was no different. I love Yuki, Cal, Simon and Emma. Their friendship and loyalty to one another is just so refreshing to read. I love how they all ban together to get the job done regardless of what that job may be or how dangerous it is. The love they all share for one another is just awesome.
I love the sense of humor Yuki has about herself and life and her situation. She takes everything in stride and doesn't let anyone get her down or tell her who she needs to be. She is strong and confident but still a sweetheart and truly good at heart, I just love that. And her friends are no different.
I think each time I read about Cal I fall more in love with him, he has to win the boyfriend of the year award.
The ending to this one left me wanting more. I can't believe how it ended!! And while I did see it coming, I am just so excited to read more about it. I don't want to give anything way so I'm not going to say anymore other than if you haven't tried this series yet you are missing out! 


  1. Seems like another hit book series. It kinda reminds me of the Hex Hall series--there's witches, warewolves, ghosts, and high school. There's even a lovable character named Cal, too. What a coinkidink! So, would you say this is the best out of the three books?

  2. Rockee, I'm not sure which is my favorite. I have really loved them all. It is just a really cute fun series.

  3. Ok, I'll check them all out then. Thanks for the recommendation!:)