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2108:Eyes Open by K.L. Glanville Blog Tour and Character Interview

Today I have the pleasure of being a part of the 2108: Eyes Open Blog Tour and to bring you a very special character interview with the main character of the story, Jewel.

As Jewel enters I take in the way she looks, to her stylish funky hair do to her cool hip natural clothes, to the huge smile on her pretty face. I can already tell that I am going to really like her and have fun with this interview.

Jewel takes a seat next to me on the couch barely containing her excitement and a little bit of nervousness as she looks at me ready to begin.
MGO: "Jewel, thank you so much for traveling all of this way to meet me today and to agreeing to answer a few questions from your fans, especially considering what great past distance? You had to travel to get here. You know considering you are from the future and all."

Jewel: "Thanks! I've never traveled back in time before. This is really natch! My best friend Maggie is going to be SO jealous I got to come, and she didn't!"

Jewel is practically bouncing on the couch, her hands under her as she answers with excitement. 
I try to keep the smile off my face at her enthusiasm as I start the interview. 

MGO: "So, from the very start of the story we learn right away about all the different types of pods? Gene Pools? During the year 2108. I have to say, there are a lot! 
Naturals, Aliens, Bionics, Havies, Holdout, whew! There are a lot to remember and keep track of! Truly it is a lot to take in at one time!" 

Jewel's bouncing starts to slow down as she gets a thoughtful look on her face before answering.

Jewel: " Yeah. There are lots of types of beings in our century. I've been pretty isolated though, as a Natural in New Zealand . . . until recently. I grew up interacting with the Holdouts sometimes, but mostly for business. They live a lot like us Naturals – genetically pure. But, they believe some really weird things too. It's the Aliens, Bionics and Havies whose lives are crazy different. I'm really glad they haven't invaded New Zealand yet."

 MGO: "So even though you know about them, you guys don't interact a lot? That must be hard. How do you feel about having all those stereotypes like that associated with you and the others? Is it hard having that separation keeping you apart?"

I notice Jewel's bouncing has completely stopped and she is finally still and a somewhat sad look comes over her face. I can't help but feel a little sorry for her. It must be hard living in the world and time she lives in. 

Jewel: " Up until recently, I didn't really see it as stereotypes or separations. I was happy just being a Natural and letting everyone else be what they were. I grew up thinking the boundaries between the groups were pretty clear and that the way we lived, just leaving each other alone, was fine."

MGO: "Throughout this book you actually get to know some people and races that you never really associated with before. Now that you have gotten to know some of them a little better, how do you feel about that?"

Jewel: "Well, I never thought I'd be friends with people or beings outside of the Naturals. That way of thinking has definitely changed. I have a totally different view now, at least of the Bionics and Holdouts. I'm not saying I could be friends with all of them. But I'm not as afraid of or uncomfortable interacting with them as I was before. I'm still not sure about the Havies and Aliens."

I can't help but smile at her answer. She really is a nice girl with a good head of her shoulders. 
This time it is me that gets a thoughtful look on her face before I ask her the next question.

MGO: "What did you learn the most from the experience? Are the prejudices still there?"

Jewel: "What did I learn most?"

She pauses and brings a finger to her mouth like she is really considering the question before she answers. Her face is very serious now.
Jewel: "That things are TOTALLY not as they seem. I have a feeling I'm going to keep learning too. I think something that changed in me is that I now want to learn more about other types of people and beings. I learned that outsiders' perspectives can be totally wrong. I want to understand others more now . . . at least the Bionics and Holdouts. I haven't met any nice Aliens or Havies yet, but maybe there are some out there."

I decide I have had enough with the hard questions, I shift on the couch so I can face her better and ask:

MGO: "Okay, enough of the hard questions, lets get some of the fun ones out there. I confess, I loved reading about all the wonderful gadgets that you have at your disposal in the future, I think the widge was by far my favorite. I mean, how cool would it be to have all the technology at your disposal? Strapped right on your wrist or in your purse?"

I smile as her face lights up and she starts to bounce a little in her seat again, jostling the papers in my hand and almost knocking them to the floor.  I can tell she likes these questions better than the serious ones.

Jewel: "I guess we're pretty lucky, eh? Yeah, how do you all deal with carrying those heavy lap computers around? They're so huge and impractical, and they hardly do anything! If the transport department had let me, I would have brought you a widge. But they said something about messing with the time/space continuum or something. They wouldn't even let me bring mine!" 

MGO: "Well, I guess I don't need to tell you about it, you live with it every day but I do want to know, what is your favorite piece of technology that you have? What could you not live without and probably miss terribly being here in my time without it?"

Jewel: "I think the few days I didn't have my widge recently showed me how much I depend on it. It keeps me connected to everyone and everything around me! I also learned I really DON'T want one implanted in me. I'm wishing I had my widge right now too. I'm desperately missing the climate control function that links to my clothes. If I could pick a second thing I'd miss . . . well, that's a hard one. I LOVE my Aerokopa, but I might miss the neutralizing chambers even more." 

I notice I have started tapping my foot to the time of her bouncing, it is infectious. I try to make a conscience effort to stop. Pretty soon the whole couch will be moving if we both can't keep still.  

MGO: "So Forge?"

I can't help but smile hugely at the smile that those two word elicit from Jewel's face as I say them.

MGO: "What can you tell us about him that we don't already know?" 

She has a slightly dreamy look on her face as she replies:

Jewel:  "Well . . . let me think. There's so much I still don't know about him yet. I think I wrote down in my story just about everything I know. I put in there how amazing his smile is, right? It just makes me melt . . . even if he does have all those tattoos and skinplants. Really though, I want to know where he is right now! If anyone knows, please tell me. I'm so worried about him."

Her smile is down and her brow as crinkled down in concern. She is no longer bouncing or even looking at me know. She is starting absently at the carpet on the floor.

I clear my throat quietly to get her attention again. She looks up and a small sad smile appears on her face. 

In a quieter voice I ask,

 MGO: "Can we expect to see or hear more from him in the next book do you think?

Jewel: "I hope so. I have no idea where he is or what is going to happen next in my life. But I'll keep you posted! I'm glad you liked the account of my last story. I kept getting into so much trouble though. Hopefully that won't continue . . . but knowing my propensity . . . I'm sure I'll have more good stories to tell you soon."

She actually sounds optimistic and bright as she replied. I can't help but admire her bravery and positive outlook on it all.  With a hopeful smile on her face and now on mine, I have to end the interview with one last question.

MGO: "So what adventures do you think will be in store for you in the next book?"

I find I am actually on the edge of my seat waiting for her answer. A girl needs to know what is going to happen next. I hate waiting!  I will be honest, I am hoping for a little insider information.

She looks at me with that smile growing wider on her face and a light that is shining in her eyes that wasn't there before as I imagine, she is thinking of all the possible answers and outcomes to that question.

Jewel: "I'm not sure. I've been just trying to figure out who I am now. I mean, I can relate more to the Bionics and Holdouts than I ever did. And I don't know what my Natural friends will think of me when I go back to school. Maybe some people will think I betrayed our country. But I didn't! And Forge said something about the Aliens and the USF wanting to do something to New Zealand. I hope they're not really planning an invasion. But that sure seems likely. I wish I could ask someone for information from even further in the future!"

I can't help bu laugh at her excitement. I stand up to shake her hand and to lead her to the door. I am so glad that I got to know this wonderful brave young lady even better and I can't wait to read about what more is in store for her in the future and of course hoping that she gets to see Forge again soon, for her sake and maybe for mine too.  

 If you want to learn more about Jewel and all her adventures check out 2108 eyes Open by K.L. Glanville!

It’s the year 2108. I just turned 16. That means I can access the autopilot on my Aerokopa. So now, I can both fly and scope the Dat-X at the same time. But what good is that when I don’t even have a date to my best friend’s party of the century? Okay, well, one of the Holdouts offered to go with me . . . but there’s NO WAY I’m going with one of them! And then there are the Trollers docked at the quay. They’re most likely spies working with the Aliens, bringing nothing but trouble. But with this visit, they may even bring war. It would be treason to talk to them, let alone . . . befriend one. But what’s a curious girl to do? Did I tell you I have a propensity for trouble?

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