Friday, April 6, 2012

Indie Book of the Week; Thoughtless by Jacqueline Gardner

This weeks indie book of the week is Thoughtless (Thoughtless #1) by Jacqueline Gardner.

 When Bridget finds a dead cheerleader in the janitor’s closet, she becomes the killer’s next target. High school just got worse. It’s bad enough that she can hear the shocking truths that pass through her classmate’s heads. Now she has to worry about staying alive, and all clues point to the one person whose thoughts she can’t read - her boyfriend Terrence. Someone is taunting her, threatening to expose her secret. And when Bridget tries to single out her blackmailer, she’s nearly beaten to death by a mind controlled minion with fiery eyes.

But when Bridget finally comes face-to-face with the killer, suddenly a horde of brainwashed students programmed to destroy her life doesn’t seem so bad.

My Thoughts:
I really wasn't sure what to expect from this read, the description sounded so different and just something that would be really interesting and even fun.

I love YA books but sometimes it seems like the same plot line gets repeated and it isn't always easy finding something fresh and new. And while some of the concepts in this book aren't something new, a girl who can read minds, it was a very different take on a concept that has been around before and it made the read all that much better for it.

This book has some of the issues that all first books in a new series have, a lot of character and world building, secrets that need to be ferreted out, bad guys established and a plot revealed.
You know, the basics that can sometimes be overwhelming to read and can make the book a little slow, however this one was handled pretty nicely.

There were times that it was predictable but it still kept me interested and turning the pages.
I think this is a series that if handled right could really have a lot of potential.

I think it will be nice to see how Bridget handles all of her new found power and knowledge and how well she does at the academy.

She has a lot of changes coming her way and her whole world is about to get even more chaotic and strange. It will be really fun to see how the author handles it all and where the series goes from here.

I will definitely be reading the next installment to see how it all goes. 

Overall I would rate this at around 3.5 Stars. 


  1. I love the cover! This sounds like a great Indie book, and I'm glad that you're sharing Indie books as well on your blog. That makes Indie authors (like me) happy! Thanks for bringing a great sounding book to my (and other reader's) attention!


  2. Thanks Alexandra! I actually recently read one of your books so be on the look out for my review on it too. ;)

  3. Well, sometimes when authors take the time to carefully sculpt the characters and world, it makes the second much more enjoyable, I prefer more detail than not enough. It seems hard to strike the perfect balance. Still it sounds like the next book might be even better :) Have a Happy Easter, I think you are supposed to have nice weather on Sunday right?

  4. That is very true and a very good point Heidi.

    We are suppose to have nice weather on Sunday and sort of Saturday too thank goodness!