Thursday, October 27, 2011

Indie Book of the Week: Vampire in Denial by Dale Mayer

This is always my favorite time of the week when I get to share a new book I read by an indie author. 
I love indie authors. Many of them are so very talented and have so many wonderful ideas and books out there. I love the originality so many of them have and I have read so many exceptional books from them. In fact some of my most favorite series are by indie authors, so it is no wonder I love them so much.

This week, I had the pleasure of reading Dale Mayer's book, Vampire in Denial. Isn't the cover great?

It was such a great book! Imaginative and refreshing. Just something different and fun in the vampire YA genre.

The story is about a young 16 year old who is a half vampire trying to fit into two worlds, the world of her vampire family and the world of humans. She doesn't quite fit into either world yet she is strong and determined to make the best of it and to find out who she is.

When humans suddenly start disappearing, including her new boyfriend, she decides to take action and to rescue him.
And what she unearths is like nothing she or her family has seen before. 
She must choose between her two worlds and what she believes is right.

I really truly had so much fun reading this book. It was just a fun read. Before I knew it I was done and wanted to find out what was going to happen next. The ending was kind of a cliffhanger so I can't wait to see what Mayers has in store for Tessa and all her friends.

Overall I rate this fun read 3.5-4 Stars.

And thanks again to Dale for letting me read and review her book! 
I know that in the future we can expect more great things from her.

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