Friday, October 7, 2011

Trust Me by Rachel Hawthorne

Title: Trust Me (First Kisses #1)
Author: Rachel Hawthorne
Series: 1st in the First Kisses Books
Published By: Harper Teen (Jan. 1, 2007)
Genre: YA Realistic Fiction
My Rating: 4 Stars

Goodreads Description:
Oh. No. This can't be happening. Me and Sean Reed? "Trust Partners" for the entire counselors-in-training program? Sean may have deep blue eyes that make my heart flutter whenever he looks at me, but he's always been a troublemaker. Being thrown together all summer? That is so not going to work. Even if he does have a really, really nice smile.

Trust me on this.

My Review:
So I have been sick this past week and whenever I get sick I usually want to surround myself with things that are comfortable to me. My favorite place to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket, favorite movies, favorite books, that sort of thing. 

This time I really wanted to just read something that was going to be light and sweet and just something to put a smile on my face. Thankfully I found that in this book. I mean, look at that cover and that face! How could anyone resist that face and not look at it and just want to read it?

This was such a cute story about a girl learning to take life as it comes and to not judge a book (or person) by it's cover.
This story was pretty short but it didn't feel too short at all. The characters were all very loveable and fun and it was nice to see them grow through out the story.

Definitely a heart warming story about first love, first kisses, trusting others and giving people the benefit of the doubt.

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