Saturday, March 10, 2012

Indie Book of the Week (take 2); Narrative Loserdome by Ryan Collins

So this week I am actually posting two different indie books of the week to shake things up a little.

And today's book is Narrative Loserdome (Journal One) by Ryan Collins.

I could tell after the first chapter that this was going to be a very creative story. Actually, I take that back, I knew that after reading the synopsis. 

A journal of a teenage boy with all the ramblings, adventures, antics and mischief that come with that?

Yep, this would most certainly be a crazy ride but a fun one!

I think what I liked most about this book was just how real it seemed to be. I could imagine a teenage boy saying and doing pretty much all the crazy stuff that happened in this story. 

The misspelling, idiocy, obsessions with girls and ramblings only added to the true personality of the character and to the story itself, in fact Justin reminded me a lot of some of my guy friends in high school.

This wasn't a perfect story by any means and at times it was a little slow and you started wondering why Justin and Adam were even friends but in true boy fashion their friendship just seemed to work as did this book.

Truly a very different look into the mind of a teenage boy and all their antics. 

Overall I would give this 3 Stars. 

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