Saturday, March 31, 2012

Indie Book of the Week; Waiting For You by Abigail Storm

I absolutely love this weeks book of the week, Waiting For You by Abigail Storm!

  For Jake Landry, Erin Shaw was always off-limits—too young, too innocent, and his kid sister’s best friend. Home now after a decade of military service, Jake finds Erin all grown up…but she’s still off-limits. War has left him with scars invisible to anyone but him, and a relationship is the last thing he’s looking for.

As a teenager, Erin had a hopeless crush on her friend’s big brother. Now that she’s an adult, she thinks she’s put all that behind her. But when she sees Jake again, she discovers her old feelings are alive and well...and blossoming into something new.

Jake doesn’t believe in happily-ever-after. And since he can’t give Erin what she deserves, he tries to stay away from her. But when the attraction between them turns explosive, his resistance starts to crumble. Will Erin find a way past Jake’s
armor all the way to his heart?

My Review:
When I started Waiting For You I didn't realize it was actually the third book in a series, thankfully I didn't need to read the first two to have this one make sense. All three books center around the Landry family but each one can read as a stand alone book.

This is (obviously) my first book by Storm and I absolutely loved it.

I hate to say it but sometimes you just never know what you will be getting when you pick up an indie book and thankfully this one was fabulous.

It was very well written, in fact I had to go back and check the publisher to make sure this was indeed a self published book, I love it when that happens!

In this book we get the story of Erin and Jake. Erin has been in love with Jake since she was thirteen years old and after sharing a brief but very passionate kiss with him at the age of 16 it is more than 10 years later before she sees him again.

Jake has been off to war serving his country and like most returning soldiers, he is sadly not without wounds only his aren't of the physical kind, his are emotional, so much so that he has completely shut down from the real world and is sure that love is something that should never be felt and is in fact an emotion that he isn't even capable of anymore.

Then Erin comes back into his life. A strong capable, independent woman that has just enough fire and passion to help him and to help him become whole again.

I really loved this book. It felt so real from the storyline to the characters to the ending. It was just something believable and completely endearing.

And while we do get glimpses of the other family members it will not stop me from going ahead and getting Storm's other two book and reading about them as well.

In fact I will be looking into all of her books.

I give this one a very solid 5 out of 5 Stars!


  1. Awesome! Love it when you find a five star self pubbed book. I will be watching for your reviews on the others as well. Have a great weekend Ali. Nice to know I am not the only one who can't go to the bathroom in peace :)

  2. LOL! The hazard of having kids I think Heidi!