Friday, July 22, 2011

Interview and Giveaway with Indie Author Leia Shaw!!

I am a little late posting this this week but it doesn't mean that the interview is any less wonderful or the author for that matter. In fact, this week I have the pleasure of posting a Q & A I had with author Leia Shaw!
In case you don't know (and shame on you if you don't' and are a fan of adult paranormal!) she has written two books so far, Destiny Divided and her new one, Destiny United, both part of her Shadows of Destiny Series.

I had the pleasure of being able to read both of these great books and really enjoyed them both. While they are both part of the series, they can also be read as stand alone books (I love that!).

Below are the questions that I asked her and her answers.

Me: "What was your inspiration for your characters and the world(s) that you created?"
Leia: "Inspiration for my two female leads, who grew up in foster care, came from my own experience as a foster parent. I wanted heroines who'd had obstacles in life that tainted the way they viewed the world. But I also wanted them to have the inner strength to overcome it. As for my world of supernaturals...well...that just comes from my love of fantasy. I was always making up magical worlds as a child. When I read, I want to get away from real life. What better way than with hunky otherworldly men with super strength and poetic words (well, amidst some very colorful ones)? "

Me: " I love that so far both your books can be read as stand alones. Will the next one also be that way?"
Leia: "Yup. I wanted to create a series where readers could just pick up anywhere - not necessarily in order. Plus, each book is the individual love story between the two main characters. Some characters from past stories will pop up here and there. But the focus is on the couple. The next book, Destiny Unchained, is actually pretty isolated from the first two books. It involves a werewolf pack in Yellowstone that functions autonomously from the rest of the supernatural world. Until our heroine stirs everything up, like they so love to do!"

Me: "I love James and Marcelo, (and Erin and Sage for that matter) who will the next hunk be that we get to read about? "
Leia: "Cristian, my first werewolf! I'm excited for this hero because he's very different from the last two. James and Marcelo were serious, sometimes grim, and always bossy, but Cristian is laid back, funny, and above all, passionate. Which is the opposite of the icy Natalia. But that's what makes him great. He is determined to melt her, and force her to find her inner passion. It will be different from the last two books in some ways, but will still contain my typical snarky humor, action, and steamy romance scenes."

Me: "What made you decide to write in the genre of paranormal?"
Leia: "Cause I love it! It kinda goes with the first question. I needed an escape from my world of sippy-cups and potty training. I've always had a "dark side" - been obsessed with vampires since seeing "Interview with a Vampire" as a teenager. I just can't resist the allure of magic. I guess I'm still a kid that way. As for the romance part...well, what woman doesn't love a good love story? Add some hot sex scenes and really...was there any other choice?"

"And lastly who are you a fan of, vampire, werewolves, ghosts, witches, something else? "
Leia: "Well, all of them since I write about all of them (except ghosts, so far, but you never know). But if you're asking which I'd rather be with...hmm...that's a toughie. I might have to go with the classic answer: Vampire. Don't know if it's the blood, or the danger of never knowing if you'll be the next meal, or what...but vampires just got it going on."

Thank you so much Leia for taking the time to answer my questions and for offering to giveaway a free e-book copy of your new book Destiny United to one lucky winner!! 

As always to enter this contest all you need to do is become a follower of this blog. The lucky winner will be chosen through on Thursday August 4th and announced here.

Good luck to everyone who enters!! 


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