Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon Update

So the Read-a-Thon is almost over and while I didn't get to read as much as I really wanted I did manage to read almost everything I had planned to read.

So what did I read yesterday and today?

Well I did read an ARC book (I know, I know I said I wasn't going to do that but, this one I really really wanted to read!).

I read Beyond the Grave by Mara Purnhagen, it is the last book in her Past Midnight trilogy and it rocked. 

I was sad to see this series end I really was, it just was one of those series that grow on you. Where each book gets better and better. The story and characters get more intense and you just become invested in them. 
I love how they all grew and the ending was a very satisfying one. It left me feeling happy and I didn't feel like anything was unanswered or left hanging. I really can't wait for Purnhagen to write something else. I really enjoyed her books, way more than I thought I would. I would give it a solid 5 Stars. 

And next, I read Summer Wishes (Desire #1.5) by Kailin Gow.
I will admit, I only read this because it was free and I was a little curious about it after reading Desire (which I wasn't all that impressed with at first). And you know what? I am so glad I did read this because I really think this novella turned the series around for me. I really want to know what happens next now. I will most definitely be buying the next book in the series when it comes out this fall. I would give this novella 4 Stars.

And sticking with the last theme of a novella I read Witches 101: A Witches of East End Primer by Melissa de la Cruz.
Can  I just say for the record that I really enjoy Cruz' Blue Bloods Series? It is amazing and different and just a nice change from all the other vampire novels out there. I knew when we were introduced to one of the main characters in her new series Witches of East End in her last Blue Blood book, I would want to read that series too. 
This was a great look into that series with some background info on the Beauchamp woman and best of all, it was free on Amazon. I really am looking forward to reading Witches Of East End now. 

I am now currently reading Shimmerspell by Kimberly Spencer and am enjoying it so far. I plan to finish it up (hopefully) tonight and thus end my read-a-thon books. 

I have had so much fun though and it was nice just reading whatever for fun, no review required and no pressure about when I read it or what I read. I will definitely be doing this again and I think I will make sure and take more time out to read what is on my TBR list. Read all those books that have been calling out to me for months to read.

So to wrap up, I ended up reading 5 full length novels, three short stories and two novellas!
Total of ummm...,.well I can't actually do a total numbers of pages read because some of them are Kindle only versions and my Kindle 2 doesn't have page numbers, lol. 
Either way, I read I think well over 1000 pages in three days!! 
Go me!

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