Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mini Challenge for Read-a-Thon Times Two!

Okay this is all about the love. No really, the mini challenge is to post about three love triangles that I have enjoyed reading about.
Well I am going to one up you! How about a love triangle between not two guys but three brothers and yes another man?
What in the world am I talking about? the Pulse series by Kailin Gow of course! Has to be one of the ultimate love triangles....er...pentagon? there is and the battle still continues!! So my first vote goes to the Pulse series. 

Second vote, hmmm, how about the love triangle between Rose, Dimitri and Adrian in the VA series? That one broke my heart. Seriously, there wasn't a right or wrong choice in that series. They were both fabulous guys who would do anything for Rose. Lucky girl!! 

Okay third and last choice is......crap, I'm stuck here. *racks brain for an answer*. Okay I got one. How about the Iron Fey series with Megan, Ash and Puck. Seriously cute series with some tough boy choices for Megan.  

And for my second challenge, write a fake synopsis for a book based on the cover.  So I thought why not write one for the book I am currently reading, Afterlife by Isabella Kruger (sorry Isabella!).

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?
When two star crossed lovers find each other it is more than the stars and feuding parents that are against them. The whole universe seems to have it in for them. There will be no daydreaming looking at the stars for these two young lovers. 
When Harry and Harriet meet their worlds collide but can these two young lovers survive the vampires, demons, witches and weres that want to keep them apart? 
Will true love survive a thousand year old curse that prophesies that the joining of these two lovers will result in the end of time as we know it? Will true love prevail? Will the stars realign to help them? Will feuding parents destroy their love for each other or will it come down to the vamps, weres and warlocks to do them in? 

Okay, very silly and somewhat strange but there you have it!! 
I don't think I should quit my day job anytime soon. :P

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