Thursday, July 7, 2011

Waiting For You by Susane Colasanti

Title: Waiting For You
Author: Susana Colasanti
Published by: Viking Juvenile (May 14, 2009)
Genre: YA Romance/Chick Lit
My Rating: 4 Stars

Goodreads Description:
At the beginning of her sophomore year, Marisa is ready for a fresh start and, more importantly, a boyfriend. So when the handsome and popular Derek asks her out, Marisa thinks her long wait for happiness is over. But several bumps in the road - including her parents' unexpected separation, a fight with her best friend, and a shocking disappointment in her relationship with Derek - test Marisa's ability to maintain her new outlook. Only the anonymous DJ, whose underground podcasts have the school's ear, seems to understand what Marisa is going through. But she has no idea who he is - or does she?

My Review:

I am going to be brutally honest here, I wasn't sure I liked this book until about 70 percent into it. The writing style was throwing me off a little bit and the MC, well, I just wasn't sure if I liked her. I was having a hard time relating to her but then, you know what? Her character grew and she came alive and I could finally see where she was coming from and I wanted her to have that happily ever after that we have all longed for at one time or another.
I think this book focused on some serious issues that a lot of teenagers go through and I liked that about it. I liked how real it felt. 

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