Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore

Title: Texas Gothic
Author: Rosemary Clement-Moore
Published by: Random House (July 12, 2011)
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance/Mystery
My Rating: 5 Stars

Goodreads Description:
Amy Goodnight's family is far from normal. She comes from a line of witches, but tries her best to stay far outside the family business. Her summer gig? Ranch-sitting for her aunt with her wacky but beautiful sister. Only the Goodnight Ranch is even less normal than it normally is. Bodies are being discovered, a ghost is on the prowl, and everywhere she turns, the hot neighbor cowboy is in her face.

My Review:
I had so much fun reading this book! This is my first read by Clement-Moore and now I want to go out and grab everything that she has ever written.
She just has a beautiful way of writing that is hard to describe. It is haunting and magical, funny and endearing. She makes you fall in love with the characters and to become in grossed with them and their lives and genuinely care about them.
I loved every single one of the characters and so want to read more about them. I want them all to have another adventure together. 
If you are looking for a fun read that is different than all of the other ghostly paranormal YA reads then this is the story for you. It is witty and snarky and mysterious and even has some romance in it that will  leave you sighing and wanting more Ben time! 


  1. I just got this yesterday and am so looking forward to reading it! Based on your review, I'll definitely push it toward the top of my pile...


  2. I think you will really like it! It is a great story.