Friday, January 27, 2012

Indie Book of the Week: The Haunted by J.A. Templeton

Title: The Haunted
Author: J.A. Templeton
Series: Book Two in the MacKinnon Curse Series
Published By: Self Published (Jan. 8, 2012)
Genre: YA Paranormal
My Rating: 5 Stars

Goodreads Description:
 After battling a malevolent ghost that held the spirit of her friend Ian MacKinnon bound to the land for two hundred years, sixteen-year-old reluctant psychic, Riley Williams, felt as if she was finally easing into her new life in Scotland.

Or so she thought.

Laria, the spirit of the witch who had cursed Ian wants revenge for Riley’s interference and she’s bringing along friends—dark entities who thrive on evil.

The one bright spot in Riley’s world is Ian’s descendent, Kade MacKinnon, who could easily be Ian’s modern day twin. The parallels between the two guys are undeniable. As Riley’s relationship with Kade blossoms, she begins to realize Laria has grown in her power since their last confrontation—a power that could very well manipulate the living just as effectively as the dead.

Please note: THE HAUNTED is a mature YA. Due to strong language, mention of alcohol and drug use, cutting, and sexual content, it is not recommended for younger teens.

My Review:
  I was so excited when I saw that the second book in the MacKinnon Curse series was out. I absolutely loved the first book and couldn't wait to start the second one. I missed reading about Riley and Ian and even creepy Laria and then of course there was Kade, who I really wanted to get to know better, especially with Ian gone.

Templeton did not disappoint with this sequel. It was amazing and if possible, was even better than the first book.

Not only did we get to know Kade (who I absolutely LOVE by the way) and his family but we get to meet his cousin Maddison who, can also see and hear ghosts and she is just edgy and awesome in her own little way. I just loved her character and really really hope that we will get to see more of her in the next book.

I loved Shane even more in this book and his protectiveness of Riley. Miss A was great as always. Megan, Cait and Cassandra were great as well and I am so glad that they are all there for Riley and forming the kind of friendship that she really needs right now with Ian gone and Laria as determined as ever to hurt her and the ones she loves.

And Laria? Well she was even more creepy in this book with even more haunting moments of pure evilness and this time, she has some help.

There are some new characters that come in ghostly forms that I just loved as well. I really hope we get to know them even better in the next book as well.

This story had a lot more twists and turns that I didn't see coming and was just fantastic.

I love how even though this is a paranormal story the characters and situations feel so real.

Templeton has proven once again what a fabulous writer she is and she has a fan for life in me. I plan on reading everything I can from her and highly recommend this series. It is a great creepy fun kind of read with just enough mystery and intrigue, not to mention romance to keep you wanting more.

Truly this review does not do this series justice. It is a fabulous series and anyone that enjoys a good ghost story, some paranormal romance and some good ole fashioned mystery MUST try this series.
You will not be disappointed.


  1. Wow! What an entusiastic review. Another series I have never heard of! I love all of our indie reads. I can't resist a good ghost story. Headed over to Amazon to check this out!

  2. You really should Heidi! I think you would really like the series!
    The first one is called The Deepest Cut.