Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Indie Book of the Week: The Wanderer by Shawn Kirsten Maravel

As we all know I love reading books from indie authors. I love discovering someone that I haven't read before and being able to share their books with people that might not take the chance and read them otherwise.

So it is with great pleasure that I announce this weeks indie book of the week, The Wanderer by Shawn Kirsten Maravel.

 This is the first book that I have read written by Maravel and I was so impressed with her writing and the characters.
It was so well written and the character were down to earth and just felt so real. Like every day people that you and I would know, that you and I could be.

Landon was a fabulous character. My heart really went out to him and I felt myself really caring for him and for his outcome. I love it when that happens, when I get so caught up in the characters that I really start to care about them.

Max was a great character as well. She was so down to Earth. A tomboy that was still soft enough to be girly when she wanted to be but strong enough to not let anyone tell her who she should or shouldn't be or what she should or shouldn't do. She was truly a kick butt character in a real sense.

I loved reading about Max and Landon as a couple, how they interacted with one another, discovered one another and discovered themselves as well. It was nice to see them recognize their demons and try to overcome them.

And can I say that I absolutely adored that this book had an epilogue? That we got to see where Max and Landon were years down the road. What they were doing and how their lives were.

I love it when authors do that.

This was a fabulous read and it most certainly won't be my last book by Maravel.

So if you are looking for a good adult romance that is clean and very well written please check out her book. You won't be disappointed!


  1. Ali I love all your greaf indie reads! I love that you spotlight all these fun books and usually you can get them for a couple of bucks!

  2. I agree, I too read this book and I can't begin to tell you how in love i was of both Max and Landon by the end, its about real issues, and real situations people go through every day while also making you wish you were a girl as cool as Max! Hahaha. A book you could read and pass right on to your boyfriend or husband as well, those kind of books are my favorit!