Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Cambria Hebert .

It is a fun weekly question she asks other bloggers in the hopes that we will all get to know one another a little better and also because, well, because it is just a really fun and cute idea.

This week her question is: Out of Everything You Have Read, Who Is Your Favorite Villain You Loved To Hate?


This question actually took me longer to think about than I care to admit. I have loved (and hated) a lot of villains over the course of my reading history but one character will always stand out to me and that has to be the fabulously evil character that J.K. Rowlings created in none other than Dolores Umbridge.

 Truly I think she is the first character I can ever remember reading and truly seething at the things that she dared to do to Harry and all of Hogwarts.

She is the one character that I was overly joyed when something bad happened to her and couldn't wait for her to get her just reward. Horrible, I know but it is true.

Rowlings made her the best evil hate-able character ever and I love her for that. 

Anyone that can bring out that many emotions inside of you, where you want to reach through the pages and knock a character over the head, where you get teary eyed at the cruelty they are showing someone else, is indeed a fabulous writer.


  1. Great choice Ali, yes she was a piece of work. Seeing her on the screen made her even more vile! I am glad you signed up! It is fun to see everyone's answers.

  2. I agree whole heartedly with you. She was terrible and her return in Deathly Hallows was awful as well. After what she went through and she was still as hateable as ever.

  3. This is a GREAT choice!!!! I love that picture because who really thinks of a nice harmless older lady as a bad villian? LOL!! Its the perfect disguise. Now, I haven't read Harry Potter (yes, its true, lol) so I can't agree but I think this is a perfect choice!
    Thank you so much for being part of Tell Me Something Tuesday!

  4. Thanks everyone!
    And thanks Cambria for thinking of this, it is such a fun idea!!