Sunday, June 24, 2012

Writings From The Heart Blog Tour and Guest Post!

Today I get to bring you a very special Blog Tour, one that is dear to many of the authors that helped write the book that I am about to introduce to you.

I bring you, Writings From the Heart, an anthology by Beth Ann Masarik (editor), Erin Danzer, Jamie Danzer, Cat Dixon, Joel Allegretti, Robin Sussman, Alan D. Harris, Frank Cavano, April Avalon, and Danny B. Barbare,

30 short stories and poems make up this unique anthology. Authors and poets from around the world joined together for one cause; to raise awareness of congenital heart disease in children. All proceeds from this collection will go to the Adult Congenital Heart Program at Cohen Children's Medical Center of NY for education and research in this area.

Guest Post!
 Thank you for hosting us on your blog today, Ali!  Hello everyone! My name is Beth Ann Masarik, and I am the publisher of the anthology, Writings From the Heart.  All proceeds will go to the Cohen Children’s Medical Center.  Today, I am taking a break with writing blog posts, and am handing it over to one of the anthology’s contributors, Jamie Danzer.

Take it away, Jamie!

Time has taught me many things; one that rates pretty high is that you never pass up an opportunity to do something to help others.  When I was invited to submit a piece for, Writings from the Heart, and knew the proceeds were going to help a very good cause I got straight to work. This was one of those opportunities that I couldn’t pass up; it told me this is a chance to help do some good.

My sister-in-law, Erin Danzer and the very inspirational, Beth Ann Masarik; both helped light a fire under my muse’s butt.  I looked into my heart to find something real; and unexpectedly real came with raw. The piece I submitted did come “from the heart” because it is inspired by events that took place in my life that are not easy to talk about. When the piece was ready though, I began to second guess it; but Erin being the insightful and supportive person she is, convinced me that this was the right piece at the right time.

Beth’s convictions and the way she stuck to her guns to pull the whole project together immensely  reassured me that the anthology was going to do more good than any of the 30 great literary artists from around the world could see.  I think my husband actually said it best months ago:

“Every artist involved is starting the “ball of good” rolling down the hill. It may not be big now, but just wait and see. Every person that purchases the book is going to add to that ball until it becomes a boulder of good that will have a positive impact for the pediatric cardiology unit at Cohen Children’s Medical Center.  Every person, no matter how small they think their involvement is, will make a bigger impact than any of us realize.”

Okay, maybe he does ramble a little but the point is still true that we all look at the whole picture verse just us so we end up feeling overwhelmed by it.  It is only when we step back and see everyone working with us that we know that “problems are large to a single person, but people together are bigger than any one problem will ever be.” Yes another quote from the hubby but I agree with it, we are strong together so others can become stronger too.

I really am looking forward to future anthologies, in hopes of doing more good.  Hopefully with more anthologies, it will bring out more writers and more good can be done for those that need it. 

Thank you all for reading this inspirational post!  I do hope that you all will support the book and the children’s hospital.  You can purchase the anthology through Amazon,, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.  It is available in both digital copy and paperback.


  1. Lovely post. I have a copy of this and woll be doing a post on this next weekend. I hope it sells a bunch of copies.

  2. Me too Heidi, this is such a great cause and looks like a nice anthology to read!

  3. Thank you so much for hosting me today, Ali! You guys are awesome! So far we have raised about $50, and it was released on June 6th. I'd like to raise a lot more, but it's a start!

  4. That is great news! I hope it generates a lot more as well!!