Monday, November 12, 2012

Cover Reveal: Rise of the Magi (Lila Grey #3) by Jocelyn Adams

Rise of the Magi

Release Date: June 4, 2013
Target Reader: Adult
Keywords: FantasyFairy
In a battle of wills, who is strongest? The one who hates or the one who loves? 
In a test of faith, who will fight the hardest? The one who has everything to lose or the one who believes only in herself? 
For Lila Gray, the answer is both.
For the Magi, the questions are pointless since they can’t lose, and they’ve been waiting since before Lila’s birth for this one moment. 
Lila only needs to find them to understand her entire purpose in life. 
This time, though, instead of protecting her people, Lila may be leading them all, including her unborn child and the man she loves, to their deaths — and not by accident.
In the ultimate trial of heart and soul, and the conclusion to the Lila Gray series, Lila will learn that the greatest weapon of war is herself, with one ultimate unknown.
For which side will she fight?


Other Books in this series include:
The Glass Man (#1)
Into the Unknown Anthology - Tempted (#1.5)
Shadowborn (#2)

About the Author:
 Jocelyn Adams is an author and lover of fantasy stories, a wife, mother and former I.T. geek.

Joce is thrilled to share two novels with you this year, Crossing Hathaway (Contemporary Romance) and Shadowborn, the second in the Lila Gray trilogy.

Her short stories have appeared in Residential Aliens Magazine, Hall Brothers Villainy anthology, Winter Canons anthology, Roar and Thunder Magazine, Wicked East Press's Twisted Fairy Tales II anthology, Dead Robots' Society's Explorers: Beyond the Horizon anthology, and The Red Penny Papers.

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  1. This is an interesting cover! Looks like a person is coming out of the tree. Pretty too!