Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mini Review: The Switch by Dawn Pendleton and Andrea Heltsley

Title: The Switch
Authors: Dawn Pendleton and Andrea Heltsley
Series: Stand Alone
Published: September 25, 2013
Source: ARC Copy Provided by Netgalley (in exchange for an honest review)
Genre: YA Contemporary
My Rating: 2.5 to 3 Stars

Book Description:
Honor and Faith haven’t switched places since they were kids. When Honor begs her twin sister to go on a date with her boyfriend, Cameron, Faith reluctantly agrees. The problem is that she lets things go too far. Now Honor and Cameron have broken up and he won’t stop calling Faith, claiming he felt something more for her. The scary thing is, Faith felt it too. The problem, however, is the one rule that sisters and best friends abide by: don’t date their exes. 
Honor has her own problems. Breaking it off with Cameron was the right thing to do, but now his best friend, Parker, won’t leave her alone. The more time they spend together, the more Honor starts to heal. Suddenly, Honor sees Parker as more than just a friend who cares – and she wants more.
Neither sister wants to complicate things further and cross those boundaries, but they can’t stop their emotions for the guys in their lives. Turns out, the switch is the one thing that has changed them forever.

My Thoughts and Review:
The synopsis of this sounded like such a cute and fun read that I couldn’t resist picking it up. I always love tales about twins, I have no idea why other than the fascination of what it must be like to live with someone that looks exactly like you, but isn't you. Someone that others associate with you so much that they are a part of you, whether for good or bad. 

Plus this had the whole dual authors thing going for it and I was really curious to see how the authors were going to pull it off. Having never read something from either author I was excited to jump in and see what they had to offer. 

What I got was a cute coming of age story about two twin sisters that couldn't be more unalike with each other if they tried. Two sisters searching for what truly makes them happy and going after it, darn the consequences of what others may think or judge them for. 

There were a lot of tough situations in this story, falling for your sister's boyfriend, falling for your boyfriend's best friend, all those rules and codes growing up that you know are unbreakable. Those lines in relationships that you never cross, or at least, until now, you never were suppose to cross or even consider. 

Somehow the authors took those rules and shattered them completely and...while they didn't come off as realistic as I would have liked for them too, they worked for the characters. I would like to think in real life sisters and best friends were that forgiving and unselfish but the truth of the matter is, that very rarely ever happens. So why I would like to say this story was completely relatable and believable it just wasn't for me. 

While it was a cute read, it was sadly one I just never did connect with like I wanted to and I had a hard time getting into the lives of the characters and into the story itself. The ending left me wondering if there isn't a sequel planned or simply left with unanswered questions. I think too, I may have been the wrong target age group for this read. While it is considered young adult, it did have a more younger feel to it that may appeal to a much younger tween or very young adult age group.  

*All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced by the authors. I was not compensated for this review.*


  1. I saw this one and almost got it to. I have read books by both of the authors that I enjoyed. It sounds cute, but with so many other books to read already, I'm kind of glad I didn't download this yet. Thanks for the review!

  2. sorry you never connected with the characters hon, unfortunately that does happen. It does look like a cute read. I have not read anything with twins in a long time. Sometimes i get a little nerves cause it's usually the same type of storylines over and over again.

  3. It was partly my fault, too high expectations. ;)

  4. It's just too bad when this type of book falls flat. Going into anything with high expectations and ending up disappointed sucks. I hope you're having more luch with your current read.
    Great review, Ali.


  5. oops! Sorry I left that under my husband's email... long story.

  6. Sorry, it is hard when you just don't connect. The synopsis sounds interesting..bummer.

  7. This sounds like draaaaamaaaaa. lol. No, it does sound like a good book, but the lack of connection you had with the characters worries me. That's so important to me. Soooo ... I don't know.

  8. From the synopsis I would also expect a cute, fun story. It's a shame it didn't really work for you. I don't think sisters and best friends would be that forgiving in real life and if the story glosses over that it would probably annoy me. I'll most likely skip this one. Thanks for your honest, thoughtful review!