Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review: Prophecy Girl by Cecily White

Title: Prophecy Girl
Author: Cecily White
Series: Book One in the Angel Academy Series
Published By: Entangled (April 2, 2013)
Source: ARC Copy Provided by the Publisher (in exchange for an honest review)
Genre: YA Fantasy
My Rating: 4 Stars!

Book Description:

Amelie Bennett. . . . Ending the world, one prophecy at a time.

I was born to slay Crossworld demons. 
Big black flappy ones, little green squirmy ones. Unfortunately, the only thing getting slain these days is my social life. With my high school under attack, combat classes intensifying, and Academy instructors dropping right and left, I can barely get my homework done, let alone score a bondmate before prom.
Then he shows up. 
Jackson Smith-Hailey. Unspeakably hot, hopelessly unattainable, and dangerous in all the right ways. Sure, he’s my trainer. And okay, maybe he hates me. Doesn’t mean I’ll ignore the wicked Guardian chemistry between us. It’s crazy! Every time I’m with him, my powers explode. Awesome, right? 
Now my teachers think I’m the murderous Graymason destined to bring down our whole race of angelbloods. Everyone in New Orleans is hunting me. The people I trusted want me dead. Jack and I have five days to solve the murders, prevent a vampire uprising, and thwart the pesky prophecy foretelling his death by my hand. Shouldn’t be too difficult. 

Getting it done without falling in love. . . that might take a miracle.

My Thoughts and Review:

Everyone who knows me by now knows that I have a love hate relationship with books about angels and truth be told, I usually hate them. But, for what ever reason I am inexplicably drawn to them like a moth to a flame. I have to read them. I really can't explain it other than maybe I am just a masochist.

At any rate, of course I had to read this one. Thankfully this one isn't your average tale of a fallen angel or even just of an angel. In fact, this was a pretty fun read that took me completely by surprise. Completely. By. Surprise.

I fell right into the story and couldn't devour the pages quickly enough. This had a slight, Harry Potter meets Mortal Instruments/Vampire Academy feel to it. 

The main heroine is quirky and fierce and has no respect for the rules. She is a fighter and thrown into a world with a past and family history she knows little about. Sent to a school with as many secrets as  the ones Harry found in Hogwarts but with a twist. There are no witches and wizards here. Nope. This place is full of descendants of angels ,  Guardians, Watchers and Channelers are a few among them. 

Even though parts of this were a little predictable the premises was still original enough that it kept me completely entertained and flipping the pages as fast as I could read them. There was never a dull moment in the flow of the story. In fact, adventure and action seemed to be lurking around every corner .
With action around every bend, loveable funny characters (not to mention a hot leading man), a very entertaining plot line, and a uniqueness in the genre,  there really isn't a reason not to pick this one up and give it a try. 


  1. I loved this book so much I couldn't stop reading!
    Great review!

  2. Ahh, the reviews for this one have been all over the place and I'm not very fond of angels myself, but then, you did mention Harry AND Mortal Instruments AND Vampire Academy. Low blow, if you ask me. :)
    Great review!

  3. I pretty much have a love/hate relationship with angel books as well, but like you, I can't seem to stop reading them. I think it's probably because of that love/hate relationship - I pick one up wanting it to be the former rather than the latter, and I just have to find out which it's going to be:) So glad this one worked out well for you! Yay for a hot leading man:)

  4. I'm really not sure about this one! I haven't heard the best things, but then the odd positive reviews pops up and I start considering it again. I do like the thought of Harry Potter meets Mortal Instruments/Vampire Academy. ;) I'm glad you thought this was entertaining overall. Brilliant review!

  5. The whole academy premises has me intrigued, I am a sucker for this setting. Like you I have a love/hate relationship with angel books especially in YA. So glad you enjoyed this one and I love the cover.

  6. I would agree that this isn't for everyone but it was good and way better than I was expecting it to be for sure.

  7. Great review. I really wanted to take this one for review, but I just couldn't fit it in. I will definitely be purchasing it though. It sounds great.

  8. Yes, angel books are not my fav either. I am just starting to hear about this one and I think it might be something I would like to check out!

  9. I hope you like this one Heidi!!

  10. Great review. I have this one for review too, I love books based in Academys. The three books that you found it had similarities too are all awesome books so that has to be a good thing. I look forward to reading it now :)

  11. New Orleans! I love reading books set there. I have a hate/hate relationship with angel books. Okay, it's not that bad. I'm starting to warm up to idea of reading one.

  12. "This had a slight, Harry Potter meets Mortal Instruments/Vampire Academy feel to it." WOW, say no more, I clearly need to read this! :-) Lovely review!

  13. I just started Prophecy Girl and was a bit scared after seeing the very mixed reviews, however, I'm breathing a bit easy after reading your review, an awesome one btw :D