Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fear The Reaper Read-a-long Week Four!

It is week four and yes, also the final week of this amazing read a-long. I have to admit, I am sad that is will be over. This has been so much fun and this series seriously rocks. It is like nothing else out there and if you haven't given it a try yet, I really really hope that you do because you won't be disappointed.

 Here are the final questions:

1.  One of my favorite aspects of this book are the witty snippets at the beginning of every chapter.  I especially like the t shirt quotes.  My favorites are:
Sarcasm. Only one of the services offered.
Do not disturb.  Already there.
What is the funniest t shirt or bumper sticker you have encountered? If you had a t shirt that best described you what would it say? 

1. I really do wish I would write things down sometimes because, I know I have seen some funny shirts and bummer stickers out there. As it is I can't remember them all. I did see one once that I seriously considered getting my dad, he has a morbid sense of humor (which I love him for) and he also happens to own a dachshund. The bumper sticker was of a wiener dog and read "I have a naughty little wiener." I thought he would get a kick out of it. I have no idea what a shirt would say to describe me. I hope nothing too bad! 

2. Charley is constantly helping ghosts throughout the book.  Would you like to be able to talk to ghosts and bring closure to their loved ones?  How would you feel about all the ghosts popping up at all times day or night?  Would you like to have a ghost like Mr. Wong in your house?

2. Sadly, no. It would freak me out too much. Although maybe if it was something I was use to (as in I saw at such an early age they didn't freak me out and I got use to them kind of thing) then yes I wouldn't mind. although then you do have the factor that it would appear you were crazy talking to yourself all the time and honestly, some days, I don't need any help in the looking crazy department. :P 
3.  Kim reveals some rather shocking and sad details about Reyes' past.  Do you agree with her decision to adhere to her promise and not intervene?  Would you be willing to keep your word and let a loved one die if it was their wish?

3. I would love to say that I would adhere to their wishes but, it would be really really hard! Once I love, I love fiercely and I would do anything to protect those I love but having to do what they asked me to do would also be a factor. If I make a promise I don't break it, so, gosh, yes, I guess I would.
4. In Chapter 19 Charley confronts the bad guy and finds herself in yet another situation where she gets her ass kicked.  Do you like the fact that Charley consistently ends up getting her butt handed to her?  What are your overall thoughts on Charley?

4. I do feel bad that Charley has it so hard sometimes. Thankfully, she heels quickly and does have Reyes there to back her up when it really counts. He has helped her a lot and the others that love her too. I am just glad that she has a great support system and people that love her to help her out when they can. 

5.  Chapter 20 is a big, hot, smoking chapter.  We finally get some answers on Reyes.  Does the revelation change your opinion of him?  Do you think he can overcome his "nature" and be a good person or is Charley in big trouble?  

5. I think his actions in the past have already shown that he can overcome them. He doesn't want to be like his father or he wouldn't even be there to begin with. If anyone can do it, I think Reyes can. I have faith in him!

6.  Did you enjoy this book?  Will you be continuing the series? 

6. YES!! A thousand times yes (bonus points if you know which book that quote comes from!)! I adored this series and will definitely be continuing, heck, I already purchased the other books and per-ordered the fourth and I will continue to recommend them to as many people as possible. 


  1. I want to get all the other books of the series too. I never thought I'd love it so much. :)
    I agree about Reyes, he wants to fight what he was born to be and that's what make shim good.

  2. Yes! I really hope he doesn't turn bad, that would break my heart I think.

  3. I wish I would write down funny bumper stickers or shirts too, because I forget all about them by the time I get home. LOL - I have a wiener dog too, and always tell people to "look at my wiener."

    I loved the book and can't wait to read the next one!

  4. I need to get my dad a wiener dog and that shirt. He would love it!

    I like Charlie too. I wouldn't mind Reyes backing me up... not that I get into those kind of scrapes, but still... ;)

  5. I know it sounds bad but I cracked up when Charley finds out she got knocked out by a kid. Yeah, girlfriend has got to take self defense lessons, especially now the portal has been found.

  6. There are some funny bumper stickers out there but I couldn't think of many on the top of my head either. I hope Reyes can get good!

  7. Naughty wiener. Haha. You made my day.

    Amy @ bookgoonie