Saturday, June 8, 2013

Review: Skankenstein by David Fumarola and Katie Reiter

Title: Skankenstein
Authors: David Fumarola and Katie Reiter
Series: Stand Alone
Published: October 11, 2011
Source: Copy Provided by the Authors (in exchange for an honest review)
Genre: YA 
My Rating: 3 Stars

Book Description:
Sometimes the ugliest monsters come in the prettiest packages...

Victoria Frank is the picture of teen perfection – she’s talented, witty, and ruthless – but being queen of tiny Geneva, NY isn’t enough. Tired of merely designing the perfect outfit, she sets out to design the perfect person. But by the time she realizes beauty is only skin deep, she’s already unleashed her monster on the world. Now it’s a race against time to stop the vile creature from destroying her life, and she has to do it in the most evil place of all – high school.

After ditching her horrifying creation in L.A., all Victoria wants is the perfect senior year, but it becomes impossible when the dreaded beast shows up in her own backyard. Armed with a new body, a new attitude and a new name, M turns the school hierarchy on its head. But when M suffers the embarrassment of a lifetime and sets her sights on revenge, our queen bee finds herself pitted in a cat fight to the death where kid sisters, boyfriends and tiaras are all fair game. It’s a twist on Frankenstein unlike any before, with an ending so explosive it’ll leave your bowels quaking.

My Thoughts and Review:
This story begins with Mary, a freshman starting her college experience with a very despondent roommate Victoria. As Mary tries to get to know Victoria, to open her up and learn her story Mary discovers that Victoria has a secret, a secret about why she is there. A secret about a monster that Victoria created a year early. A monster she followed to college to take care of once and for all. 

Oh my goodness I don't even know where to begin with this review, the thoughts I had as Victoria and M's tale unfolded were a mixture of a lot of things. I didn't like Victoria nor did I ever feel sorry for her. I felt sorry for those that suffered by the hand of M but never for Victoria herself. She was a hard person to like even towards the end when one should have felt something for her, sorrow, pity, something. And M, well she really was a monster in all rights. A very sorry broken girl that was very much a lone and confused and demented.

This was a true horror story. Not in the sense of blood and guts and gore but in the sense of disturbing and chilling and down right believable. People really do snap and monsters really are created, whether from love or from boredom or from hate. 

The authors did a wonderful job weaving a tale of mental illness, selfishness, lust, envy, hate and revenge. The ending fit perfectly with the whole theme of the story and left me feeling horrified and slightly mystified. I am still not sure what to feel or think about the whole thing other than it truly had to have been a tale inspired from the ultimate monster himself, Dr. Frankenstein. 

*All opinions and thoughts are my own and were in no way influenced by the author. I was in no way compensated for this review*


  1. well...that sounds different. I can totally understand about people turning into monsters. Sound like a scary kind of read in its own way.

  2. It is definitely a twisted look into the minds of people that are already on the edge.

  3. This sounds so different and I like psychological thrillers. You have piqued my curiosity!

  4. It is definitely different Kimba!

  5. Wow... this sounds like one of those books that will stick with you for days and days. I would be interested to check it out, but on the other hand disturbing isn't exactly the way I want to spend my time.

  6. Being such a King fan you just might love this one Heidi!

  7. Well this is totally not what I thought at first glance. Thanks for the great review. I occasionally enjoy a horror story, in fact I am reading one soon. I will keep this one in mind for the next time the urge to read horror hits me.

  8. Thanks for the review! We DEFINITELY appreciate your honesty :) - Katie and Dave