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Blog Tour Guest Post and Tour Wide Giveaway: The Faith and Fate of David Ghent by Maren Dille

Title: the Faith and Fate of David Ghent
Author: Maren Dille
Published: Jan. 1, 2013
Genre: Paranormal

Book Description:

In the Lucen city dwell the descendants of Righteous and Fallen angels. Kept hidden from the rest of Earth and governed directly by Heaven, each descendant is given a chance to prove themself loyal to Heaven, and obtain salvation. For most, the task is encouraging and fair, but for David, it’s devastating. 

David Ghent has waited twenty-one years to fulfill a prophecy foretelling the destruction of Lucifer’s power on Earth and Heaven, saving himself and the entire world from Hell’s power. His training is complete, the city prepared. As the battle commences, the city’s most beloved daughter, Layla, suddenly appears at the Hellgate. David is then faced with an impossible choice: fulfill the prophecy, or save her life. The consequences David faces after choosing Layla force him to question his entire life, and his loyalty to Heaven. As the aftermath of failure unfolds, David discovers that the real battle against Lucifer has just begun.

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About the Author

           Maren grew up in Rochester, NY, which is why much of her work is set in the East. She moved to Provo, UT to attend Brigham Young University in 2004. Meanwhile, she received a license in cosmetology in 2006, and graduated with a B.S. in Home and Family Living-Clothing and Textiles in 2009. After graduation, Maren worked as a cosmetologist/barber, while her husband finished his own degree in Special Education. After he graduated, they settled in Spanish Fork, UT, where they plan on staying for a long time.

Now Maren is a stay-at-home mom, part-time piano teacher, cosmetologist, and writer. Amidst the buisiness of being a housewife, she loves reading, writing and playing music, vacationing, going on dates with her hubby and friends, throwing dinner parties, and sewing. She enjoys collecting books, and hopes someday to have a library big enough to fit all of them. Currently, her two pretty-enough-to-be-displayed-bookshelves are overflowing, and she's got books stashed all around her house. Open a random drawer, you'll probably find one.
Maren's previous work includes a short comedy, "A Tale of Two Cemeteries," and a middle-grade reader, The Treehouse. The Faith and Fate of David Ghent is her first published novel. Find out more about Maren at, or on FacebookGoodreads, and Amazon.

Guest Post:

Writing About Humanity by Maren Dille

I’m frequently asked what my book is about. You’d think the answer is simple, since I wrote it. The problem is most people want a succinct answer. I’ve learned I have to tailor my answer to my audience. In this case, I’m going to say that my book is about being human.
What does it mean to be human? People will have all sorts of answers. I actually googled this phrase when I was researching. The first ten sites were all scientific-based. That surprised me, though I shouldn’t have been. Most people would answer that with words like “heartbeat,” “blood,” or “walk upright.” I’m a writer though, not a scientist. For me, being human is more about our souls.
The Faith and Fate of David Ghent chronicles a young man’s journey as he’s assigned the task of conquering Lucifer, thereby saving the world from the wrath of Hell. Many people will categorize it as a romantic/dramatic fantasy YA—which it is, but to me, it’s much more. The main character, David, changes throughout the novel, making it feel like a coming-of-age story. This book is about angels, but you won’t find any wings. It’s also about love, though you won’t find any sex. Instead, I wrote the evolution of a hero, with the fantasy and romantic aspects serving as complements.
Does it seem odd that a YA book about fighting the Devil is so deeply rooted in one’s own humanity? It did to me at first. When I started David’s story, I had no idea his assignment would be so complicated. I wrote in angels, demons, battles, and strength, adding in the romance as an after-thought. After I’d finished, I realized that the romance (more specifically, the effect of the romance) was critical to David’s progression. I second-guessed myself, then decided it couldn’t be any other way. David was through and through my character. I’d created him, honed him, enough that I felt he was a part of me. How could I separate my own triumph and progression through life from my romance? Love—the kind that David and Layla experience, and the kind that I share with my husband—does change you. I believe love is at the root of humanity. Without it, what’s the purpose of even being human?
Read the book and you tell me: conquering Lucifer and finding humanity—different or the same?

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  1. I think what makes us human is a very interesting question to explore and no matter how many books I read that deal with it, there's always something new to say simply becuse there is no right answer.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Normally I would say that I'm not a big fan of angel books but the authors description has me much more interested. I cant fit this in now but I will remember it in the future!

  3. Loved the guest post and what a great question regarding what makes us human. David sounds like he faces some difficult choices. Thank you for sharing this one :)

  4. Fighting the Devil, now that is one you don't encounter everyday in the YA genre. It sounds interesting. I like too that the author presents the complexities on what it means to be human, very interesting!

  5. Thanks for the fun post and this sounds fantastic!

  6. Interesting guest post. I certainly don't envy this guy having to fight Lucifer. This book sounds intense.