Thursday, October 18, 2012

Guest Blog Post and Tour: Bruxa The Secret Within by A.F. Costa!

Bruxa The Secret Within
By AF Acosta

Genre: Paranormal YA
Paperback: 400 pages

ISBN-10: 1463704275
ISBN-13: 978-1463704278

Book Description:

Gabriella is no ordinary seventeen-year-old girl. She is the last to carry her mother’s rare bloodline of Bruxa, an ancient secret order of witches.

Settling into her late father’s estate, she is welcomed by a phantom presence that resurrects within her, a secret curse her father took to his grave ten years ago. Gabriella finally finds a sense of belonging and gains the affections of high school’s most desired boy, Joey Davale. Her newly found life becomes derailed when she learns her whole existence has been a lie, and the boy she’s falling for, is designed to destroy the very thing growing inside of her.

Forced to conceal this truth, Gabriella embarks on a secret life that will drive her into the arms of Alvero, the embodiment of her darkest fear. Her newly found heritage traps her in a dangerous web of lies between two worlds and two loves. Her life will become more dangerous than she ever imagined. As the age-old battle between witches and vampires collide, will she fall prey to her heart or welcome the predator inside? 

The Intense and stylized, A.F.Costa’s debut is an alluring live wire full of intrigue and forbidden love. Bruxa: the secret within, powerful vision of witches and vampires will challenge your understanding and leave you craving more.

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About the Author:

A.F. Costa has been creating vivid, imaginary worlds before she could even pick up a book, so it was only natural for her to put a pen to paper the moment she learned to write. Growing up with rich Latin superstitions and strong spiritual beliefs sparked her interests for the paranormal world.

Captivating small audiences with her campfire stories resurrected her passion for writing, but seeing her same passions for reading and writing developing in her son has inspired her the most.

Toronto, Ontario-based stylist A.F.Costa has been showcasing her creative abilities for over sixteen years, working with some of the best in the industry. As it is with her visual creativity, A.F. Costa brings the same passion to her writing. In Bruxa: the Secret Within, you‘ll discover an innovative world of witches and vampires like no other, blending Latin, Portuguese and Hebrew folklore into a modern day love story with an unforgettable twist.

Guest Post:
An Alvero Exclusive

I should have never tempted fait, like a magnetic pull, I had this eternal desire to see her in the flesh. It had been year since I last seen this child, the thought of Matthias creating life saved me from my never-ending darkness.
I could always sense her as I quietly watched from a distance, with her mother’s protective magic gone, I leaped at the chance to see her. I knew she had grown-up, nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to catch sight of. In all my 600 years I have never desired anything more, the very thing I use to hunt and kill has possessed me fully.
I can destroy her at any giving moment, but she welcomes me, it’s as if she hold my soul. She has bewitched me. Her very essence quenches my thirst and I have no desire to feed, I feel alive and human again, when I am near her. It kills me to hide in the shadows as another gains her affections, I hate that I can’t bring myself to face her. I fear she will remember, the night I first saw her 10 years ago, the night that forever changed our worlds.

The Requiem- Linkin Park
Rusted Wheel- Silversun pickups
Secrets- OneRepublic
The Royal we- Silversun pickups
Dark side- Kelly Clarkson
Leave out all the rest- Linkin Park
Runaway – Linkin Park
Catch and Release - Silversun pickups
Valentine’s Day- Linkin Park

The Secret within Tour

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Four lucky wins will receive one these custom-made Bracelets
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