Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Something Wicked Comes Halloween Hop With Author J.A. Redmerski!!

Yes, that's right, I couldn't just participate in this fabulous Hop just one day, I am also doing it today as well (and tomorrow too so check back then!). And Heidi from Rainy Day Ramblings and Babbling Books and Stuff so graciously agreed to let me have more than one day, well, a little candy bribing might have be in order but we won't talk about that. 

Today I have the great pleasure of having J.A. Redmerski on my blog!! She so kindly offered to do a guest post about, you guessed it, werwolves and it is a great one!!

Not only that but once again, I have a fabulous giveaway to offer as well. Jessica (J.A.) offered to giveaway an e-book copy (Kindle or Nook) of her two books, The Mayfair Moon and Kindred. I will be doing two different Rafflecopter forms for each but if you need both, feel free to enter both giveaway!

Also don't forget to check out yesterdays giveaway for a bundle pack of The Mackinnon Curse trilogy by J.A. Templeton!

Okay on to the werewolf goodness!!

Guest Post by J.A. Redmerski:
I’ve always been more intrigued by the werewolf in legend than most other supernatural creatures. I love all the old movies and literature on werewolves and I think that while although they aren’t the sex objects that vampires tend to be, the fact they are so dangerous and unpredictable, makes them more interesting. And I thought to myself: Why can’t a terrifying werewolf also be sexy? And then decided I wanted to do something about that unfortunate stigma.

I admit it – I’ve always been a sucker for bad boys. Guys with power. Infallibly loyal and protective. The guy that no one wants to mess with. The one that oozes danger, but doesn’t flaunt it. Dominant, but loving. Aggressive, but completely and respectively gentle at the same time. (I swear this isn’t a dating profile!) I don’t know any supernatural being better to fit this bill more than a ‘traditional’ werewolf. And that’s the biggest reason why I decided to write a trilogy about werewolves.

But the werewolves in The Darkwoods Trilogy aren’t your typical shape-shifter who turns into a canine-type of ‘werewolf’. Those in Darkwoods are beastly and terrifying, dangerous and unpredictable, yet a human girl can still fall hopelessly in love with one.

I love reading YA books, those that are more geared toward readers 17 and over and have adult crossover potential. That was the kind of werewolf novel that I desperately wanted to fall in love with, and believe me, I searched for a YA book like this and found nothing. The majority of YA werewolf novels on the market today are the shape-shifter kind. Nothing wrong with them; just not something I’ve ever been interested in. So, when I ultimately gave up my search, feeling like I would never find a series with beastly, dangerous werewolves like you see in the Underworld series, that was when I decided I was just going to have to write my own. And make them sexy!

And so The Darkwoods Trilogy was born. THE MAYFAIR MOON is the first in the trilogy and book two, KINDRED was released in July 2012. The third and final installment, THE BALLAD OF ARAMEI, is due to release sometime in November or December.

A HUGE thank you to Jessica for being here today and for so kindly offering up a copy of her books to two lucky winners!!


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  1. Werewolves aren't my most favorite but depending on how they're wrote, they can be awesome!

  2. I think the man you described is the fantasy of so many women out there. Including mine!

    I hope that I get a chance to read these books sooner than later, but I think I'll be getting round to them either way! Great post, on the author's part and the blogess' part.


  3. Thanks for another great post! I really appreciate all your support. Hmm favorite thing about Halloween all the decorations and of course the treats. Fav Paranormal Creature is hmm it changes lets go with Fairies today since they can be anything!

  4. We don't celebrate Halloween in Greece but I am a huge horror fan so just the creepy feeling it brings is great, all the horror flicks too :)

  5. Noting original, I love vampires and werewolves. I really love reading paranormal reads and as long as someone is not human I'll most likely love it. Like I said though, I love vamps and all were-animals. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  6. My favorite supernatural creature is Vampires.

    My favorite thing about Halloween is watching Scary Movies.

    Rafflecopter name is Dawna Newman

  7. We don't usually dress up for Helloween and we don't go trick or treating but I love candy so if we did any of that stuff the candy would be my favorite! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  8. Oh my gosh... I never noticed his hand on the cover before! That's kind of creepy.

    The only thing I really like about Halloween is all the scary movies and books. As for fav creature... are zombies paranormal? lol

  9. My favorite supernatural creatures are werewolves, especially the hot alpha type My favorite things about halloween are scary movies and candy!

  10. I love dragons! and candy at Halloween :)