Friday, October 19, 2012

Mini Review: Marked: A Two Halves Novella by Marta Szemik

Title: Marked
Author: Mara Szemik
Series: Novella in the Two Halves Series (Book #0.5)
Published By: MyLit Publishing (Feb. 16, 2012)
Genre: YA Paranormal/Fantasy
My Rating: 3 Stars!

Goodreads Description:
 Shapeshifter Xander will remain stuck in oblivion between good and evil until he is marked—either with the sphere that will identify him as a servant of the underworld or with the water mark, working for the keepers of humans, vampires, and warlocks.

One decision will mark him and his twin sister Mira equally. She is in love with a man bearing the water mark and wants Xander to follow the path of the good. But Xander loves a black witch, a minion of the underworld. All he has to do to join her forever is kill.

After all, there's something good about being bad.

My Mini Review:
As most people know I really like to read novellas. Especially prequels to series because they really can give you a good feel for a series and let you know, for the most part, if you are going to be interested enough after reading it, to even bother to pick up the first book. 

You can get a feel for the author's writing style and how the story flows.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this one, I really liked the synopsis and wanted to give it a try. 

I am glad I did, this one was way different than any other YA book I have read in the genre. The whole concept was unique while still using some original ideas about demons, angels, vampires and witches. I can really see liking the first book in the series and it did leave me wanting to find out more about the characters, their lives and their choices.

 It didn't give away too much but just enough to leave me curious enough to pick up the next one.


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  1. I don't read many novellas for some reason but it seems like a prequel is a good idea, to see if it might be a series you'd enjoy before investing much time in it.
    I hadn't heard of this but it sounds like an interesting concept!