Saturday, June 21, 2014

Book Blogger Tag (Test)

Since I have been tagged numerous times already and still haven't done this, I thought it was time to get off my bum and do it.

Thank you to everyone who tagged me, really, because this was actually a lot of fun to do and put together. Not only that, but I had a lot of fun reading everyone else's answers and learning more about them.

I am not going to tag anyone else however but I do encourage everyone to do this because I think your readers and you, will really enjoy doing it. 

So without further ado, here and my answers:

What are your top 3 book pet peeves? 

Hmm, believe it or not I had to think about this one for a minute or two. Okay, I hate when the character just suddenly realizes they haven't eaten anything all day and then are ravenous. I mean, how does that happen? I get skipping a meal because your busy, I do this (sadly) all the time, but dang it, I still know I'm stinking hungry and need to eat something.

I get the whole bad boy thing, trust me, I do but I don't get the talking to them like an a-hole thing and the Mary Sue still liking them. I get the sarcastic witty remarks but not the name calling, cold hearted crap. You don't call someone you want to be with a whore, or something worse. You just don't. Sorry but you treat woman with respect always. Period.

Insta love. Okay this didn't use to bother me but I think it is now sadly being overused, especially in the YA genre and I am tired of it.

Describe your perfect reading spot. 

This actually depends on the time of year for me. In the winter it is on my lounge chair (the thing is huge and made of down feathers and oh so comfortable) in front of my fireplace. Best. Spot. Ever.

In the spring, fall and summer, it would be outside in the sun. I'm not picky just give me nice weather, a cool breeze and I am a happy girl.

Now if I could pick any spot, then of course the beach with one of those huge unbrellas and a cavana boy near by to do all my bidding. 

Tell us three book confessions. 

I use to have tons of books but when I got my first (yes first) kindle back in...hmm, was it 2006? 2007? either way, when I got it I gave “most” of my books away. I just couldn’t' stand seeing them there and not being read. I did keep a few that I just couldn't give away like my collection of Jane Austen stories, Narnia collection and Harry Potter Set. My kids however have ton of books. My oldest two both have kindles but they prefers hardback books still so...yeah, we still have books lying around plus I do get the occasional book in the mail and will read it and not my kindle. 

Lets see, I don't like hardbacks. I never have. They are big and bulky and I have tiny hands so it is hard for me to hold heavy big books for long periods of time without me feeling like my wrist is going to fall off. 

This last one if painful to admit, especially since when I was a child and even a teenager it didn't bother me but something happened when I because a mother and more conscience of germs. 

I love hanging in bookstores but libraries kind of give me the creeps. To think of how many people have touched, handled, coughed, sneezed or done other things while holding that same book, shudders, it seriously creeps me out. I know, I know, I suck but there you have it. 

When was the last time you cried over a book? 

Honestly, I'm a crier so this really isn't as hard for me to name as I would like for it to be. I cry over those stupid Hallmark commercials and I even cried during a McDonald's one once, seriously, I suck. 
The last book I read that I can remember really making me cry, like ugly cry, would be The Fault In Our Stars and I am proud to say, I didn't even cry that badly until the last few chapters. I was okay until those last few darn chapters and then all hell broke loose. 

How many books are on your bedside table? 

Currently none. I don't usually keep books in my room. I rarely read in bed and then if I do it is usually on my paperwhite so I can leave the light off and not disturb my husband.

But right now, on my Kindle is The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness and I am absolutely in love with it.

Name three books you would recommend to everyone. 

On the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Hmmm, I see a theme here...

Favorite snack while reading:

Anything sweet. I have a horrible sweet tooth and it doesn't take much to satisfy it.

Write how much books mean to you in three words: 

Books are my escape. I read them when I am stressed, when I want to get away, when I want to laugh, cry, smile, be mad, you name it so they are a pretty big part of my life. I think if I could never read again, I would go crazy..truly I would. I just wouldn't be the same anymore.

So three words: Books Are Life.

What is your biggest reading secret? 

Even though I have been burned by it so many times, I still am a cover whore and get drawn in by books with pretty covers. Yes I shamefully will still pick a book up and buy it because of the gorgeous covers. 
Will I ever learn?

I was also suppose to include a picture of my bookshelf but because I no longer have one of my own, I didn't do it but, if I had a huge house and room for a huge shelf, I would love to have a library like Beast had in Beauty and the Beast. 


  1. The thought of giving away my books leave me in cold sweats…*shudders*


  2. I constantly nosh while reading too. Red Swedish fish, salt water taffy (in the summer), peach jelly bellys . . . and I won't even get started on the chocolate variations. Aaaannndddd I never really thought about it before, but you're right--library books . . . kind of gross :(

  3. I am the total opposite about libraries (and used books)- I guess germs don't bother me much. But I can relate to your book pet peeves- I'd be killing folks out of hunger when these characters go a day without eating (or doing their business) like it's no big thing.

    1. LOL, me too! I am not a very nice person when I get too hungry or tired. ;)

      As for the library, I never use to be that way and yes, even with the disgusting thoughts, my kids do still go and use the library. I couldn't deprive them of it. ;)

  4. I have been tagged for this a lot of have started it but still not finished... I WILL DO IT SOON! I love reading everybody's answers. I work in a library and the condition some people bring the books back in is just GROSS! Not a fan. I recently gave away a ton of books but that was because I had never read them and realised I had no interest in reading them any more. I couldn't stand having no books, I own so many it's a little sad but I wouldn't have it any other way. I hate the bad boys who are just complete wankers! Why do the girls swoon over them? I don't really get it.

  5. I hate libraries. I never go. I get grossed out by the books there too. Truth be told, I have read books from the library, but they still are gross. I totally would have Belle's library though... That would be a dream come true!

    1. Especially is you know where are the books came from. ;)

      I am so glad I am not the only one that is hesitant about it, I know how weird that sounds but still, it is nice to know. :)

  6. This is such a fun tag! I didn't cry until the last few chapters of The Fault in Our Stars, either. That Beauty in the Beast library would be pretty amazing to have, too ;)

    1. Glad I wasn't the only one. I felt sad but yeah, no crying until almost the end!

  7. I love your 3 words!! They make perfect sense. I agree with you that hardcover books are so bulky and hard to hold but omehow I just like them A LOT. I really don't know why..... :)